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Synonyms for hooklike

having or resembling a hook (especially in the ability to grasp and hold)


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9) with apex inverted-footlike, preapical lobe small, with apex hooklike. Connective (Fig.
Hooklike osteophytes at the metacarpal heads--with the "hooks" pointing proximally (rather than distally, as in rheumatoid arthritis) may be the only finding that could be called pathognomonic.
By 1622 UTC, two of these protrusions had developed well-defined forward-flank curl structures (hooklike echoes) produced by cyclonic circulations that were associated with a sequence of seven EF-0 to EF-1 tornadoes as the QLCS moved over the UAH observational network in north-central AL between 1615 and 1705 UTC.
From the hooklike beak there tears free of him and flies ad luminem the sound Erinyes make to rend souls: a mechanical, intolerable shriek, the shriek of steel that devours aluminum; "mechanical," for it's meant for nobody, for no living ears: not man's, not yelping foxes', not squirrels' hurrying to the ground from branches; not for tiny field mice whose tears can't be avenged this way, which forces them into their burrows.
The crisscrossing spokes are perfectly positioned for tillandsias' hooklike leaves.