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a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer

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Hooking a bait through the shoulder while on the slow troll gets it deeper, but it puts a lot of stress on the bait if you go any faster than a bump troll (idle speed, in and out of gear).
Also, you need to take time to rig them tail-hook style, because hooking them in the front like a bass presentation reduces hooking percentage.
We undertook this study from 2012 through 2014 to gather data on the effects of circle and J hooks on hooking outcome, frequency of deep hooking, and catch rate in the recreational shark fishery off Maryland.
Overdoing it during one of the first hooking sessions has forced many a player off to the sidelines for extended periods of recuperation.
Most research on hooking up has identified individual characteristics of college students who hook up (e.
Students with strong ties to peers and frequent peer conversation about sex were more strongly related to participation in hook-ups and more favorable attitudes towards hooking up," she added.
For the best possible hooking when a fish takes your fly, begin your strike with a deliberate, smooth line strip until you feel the fish, then make two or three fast hook sets with the rod.
Researchers compared two different sizes of carp hooks (#6 and #1) and found that hook size affected catch rate, fish size, relative hooking depth, anatomical hooking location, and frequency of injuries.
Various studies have assessed their efficacy in terms of hooking and landing rates, and their worth as a conservation tool.
Literature on a variety of species and fishing strategies provides evidence that catch rates with circle hooks can be maintained (but rates of deep hooking are reduced) when compared with catch rates with conventional J hooks (Cooke and Suski, 2004).
Even standard J-hooks and treble hooks might be adequate, but their high incidence of deep hooking and the possibility of some long-term damage warrants caution at this point.
The rug maker, usually in China or India, then uses a hooking gun, either electric or manual, to insert yarn from the back to create the pattern.
com, a Columbus-based utility-connection service is officially leaping into the Cincinnati market, allowing homebuyers to save valuable time in hooking up their phone, electric, cable and other services.
I fish J and circle hooks on mullet, both with good results, but I noticed that with a J hook, hooking bait through the roof of the mouth resulted in more hookups than through the back.