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shaped in the form of a hook

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CT of the head showed a hook-shaped metal bar measuring 51 mm x 46 mm in the right frontal lobe via the frontal bone (Figure 3).
A typical configuration of a small, slit-like orifice, instead of the major duodenal papilla, is usually associated with a hook-shaped CBD and non-functioning sphincter of Oddi (5).
Research conducted by Kenshu Shimada, Ph.D., professor at DePaul University in Chicago and research associate of the Sternberg Museum in Kansas, reveals the 5.5-foot-long fossil fish to possess a tuna-like body with a unique 'hook-shaped sail' on its back.
Basal part of titillator and hook-shaped tip dark brown, apical part lighter brown.
In the photo, I am holding the sign with my hook-shaped prosthetic arm.
In the 1920s, this novel device might contain a couple of blades; a hook-shaped implement for cutting the bottle's seal; buttonhook and corkscrew.
Except for mostly backpackers and mountain trekkers, many tourists were not familiar with Mararison Island, its white beaches, crystal clear waters and 100-meter, hook-shaped sandbar.
Virdee, "Miniature hook-shaped multiband antenna for mobile applications," IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, vol.
Liu and Yang [5] presented a hook-shaped UWB antenna operating from 3 GHz to 10.7 GHz with a dimension of 10 x 10 [mm.sup.2].
(ii) Furthermore, [[chi].sup.U,[lambda]] (g) = 0 except for hook-shaped partitions [lambda] = (n/s - k, [1.sup.k]).
In addition, several other designs of antennas are also proposed for WLAN/WiMAX applications by employing three L-shaped slots and a rectangular slot [9], combining a C-shaped strip and two L-shaped strips [10], and using one branch strip and two hook-shaped strips [11].
"You get this hook-shaped feature on the flank of the cloud, where material is wrapping around an updraft," Snow says.
William Hamilton, dancers who need to perform with a painful blister can use a hook-shaped linoleum knife (found at hardware stores) to cut out a hole in the toe box from the inside while leaving the satin intact.