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Are you offended that Disney's Aladdin perpetuates neo-colonial stereotypes of the Middle East - from the eroticised Princess Jasmine, to the evil hook-nosed Jafar, to the eccentric Sultan, to the trader in the market who threatens to cut the hands off any unwitting thief?
This year the head of the cultural committee in the city posted (http://lzinios.lt/lzinios/Lietuva/kvietimas-i-uzgavenes-naisiuose-su-antisemitizmo-atspalviu/239351) an invitation for the Mardi Gras, or Shrovetide, festival on Facebook that included an image of a hook-nosed Jew.
The sheer thought of having an extraterrestrial peer out there is encouragement enough to believe that the future may lie with three-fingered, hook-nosed beings who would share their wisdom with us and help us avoid doomsday.
Steve Carell is unrecognisable as the hook-nosed, mega-rich du Pont, with a hard to please, horse-training mum (Vanessa Redgrave).
Dai nudged him, pointed at a skinny lad, thin, hook-nosed face under a crest of multicoloured spikes.
When Charles Napier, that most classic colonizer - hard, hook-nosed and great at killing brown people - was touring the land he conquered, he once asked, 'Whose lands are these?'
At least that's the way it was done for decades in the community 120 miles southeast of Los Angeles until Arab-Americans recently objected to a hook-nosed, snarling image used to represent Coachella Valley High School.
The Oscar-nominated film is based on an the tale about a hook-nosed bogeyman who steals a young boy's eyeballs while he is trying to sleep.
Among the bits of plastic ephemera that littered her overnight r bag like the lost and found at Toys o 'R' Us was a DVD of her latest love - DespicableMe; not so much the hook-nosed hero/villain Gru r but the salt and pepper pot shaped cartoon r characters the Minions, who she has firmly fallen in love with.
Somewhere between the Grinch and Ernst Stavro Blofeld (and featuring a hunchbacked, hook-nosed look worthy of Charles Addams), the Steve Carell-voiced character feels like something Universal can franchise, if only the studio can convince auds to see it.
Sarah Symonds is, to be franker, a scrawny, hook-nosed Pat Butcher look-alike.
Ian was cruelly nicknamed 'Gonzo' by Mr Cumani's staff making a connection to his uncanny likeness to the hook-nosed Muppet Show character.
It included many drawings of hook-nosed Jews in the best tradition of Nazi Germany.
She vividly recalls how she increasingly became the target of racist, anti-Semitic slurs, unpleasant confrontations and a barrage of ad hominem epithets, such as being called "a hook-nosed, lox-eating ...