hook up

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One way to understand gender differences in hook up experiences is to consider the differential power commonly afforded to women versus men in heterosexual encounters.
Whether directly buried or in conduits, the HV cable is ideal for a variety of electrical transmission system applications, including internal substation bus connections, capacitor bank hook ups, congested transmission easements, power plant feeders, and industrial manufacturing facilities.
"Then I was a guest host on four ETV shows, talking about Hollywood's hottest hook ups, scandals, sexy supernaturals, the hottest red carpet stars, that kind of thing."
Platinum-selling LA indie/pomp rockers' second album moves on from their extracurricular orchestral hook ups with grandly ambitious stadium-aimed flourishes.
I've found that when fishing up in the water it's better to side hook the bait than hair-rig it as you get more hook ups.