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Synonyms for hoof-mark

a visible impression on a surface made by the hoof of an animal

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Only remained the hoof-marks in the meadow and the torn hillside to mark the boisterous trail of the life that had broken the peace of the place and passed on.
Spook stood at the far corner of the corral, his chest heaving and his flanks bearing a number of new hoof-mark battle scars.
The trail of hoof-marks extended up St Anne Street and Scotland Road, where the tracks suddenly came to a dead end - as if the strange creature had taken off like a bird.
I've seen deer hoof-marks in the snow in January but haven't seen their owner yet, but I will one day if I'm quiet enough.
When they bulldoze the venue of legends next year, and not before time, Curbishley's name will be synonymous with the richest entertainment since a white horse left its hoof-marks on the hallowed lawn 75 years ago.