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Synonyms for hoof



Synonyms for hoof

to move rhythmically to music, using patterns of steps or gestures

to go on foot

Synonyms for hoof

the horny covering of the end of the foot in ungulate mammals


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He tells plenty of stories against himself, not least the one when, as a lad with Ron Hodges, he became legless after a hunt meet, fell asleep in the tack room and woke to find his shoes missing and his hair covered in marmalade and hoof oil.
Even now, anybody with a part-functioning brain could tell you the identity of the first five home in any of the big races; the trainers have already told us what their good horses will be doing, right down to their prep races and their choice of hoof oil, so it's just a question of getting them in the right order.
Judging by some of the tales in Frankie, it's because they spend a goodly portion of their early careers getting kicked up the arse and having their genitals forcibly daubed with hoof oil.
WITH the rumbustious chuckle that is his trademark, Terry Biddlecombe is describing in graphic detail what the stripper requested him to do with the hoof oil at Henrietta Knight's staff Christmas party.