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a visible impression on a surface made by the hoof of an animal

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You can see hoof marks at the front of the building; there are service bells in the old scullery, which is now The Gun Room; original fireplaces abound.
"They were eating the grass lawns, trampling through plants, leaving hoof marks in gardens and they knocked a wall down.
The aim is that you wouldn't know we had been there except for a few hoof marks.
"If you see 1in slots (hoof marks) in the lawn, a deer may have been there digging up the lawn to get to the more nutritious roots underneath," Kenyon adds.
"But we were advised that the cattle hoof marks capture water and are easily warmed, creating and ideal breeding ground for the beetles."
The white line on the bottom of the hoof marks the outer edge of the junction between the sensitive part of the hoof and the horny hoof.
Romanian cattle rustlers put rubber boots on two cows they had stolen so police couldn't follow their hoof marks but they were caught because a pig followed them and left a clear trail of trotter prints.
Sitting in the blind, I marveled at the numerous clay hoof marks still visible inside.
As development of the Pacific Highway (Route 101) grew over the years, roads widened and pavement replaced hoof marks. The network of original trails--with its twists and turns inland from the ocean and back out-- was lost, something that the state acknowledged when it recently designated the loosely defined route as an "International Heritage Corridor." It is a vast and often unincorporated area, requiring the significant financial contribution of women's club members to mark with bells.
It is based on two stories about the miraculous early deeds of the god Hermes: that the infant, growing to maturity in a few days, stole cattle from Apollo, baffling discovery by reversing the animals' hoof marks, and that he invented the lyre by fitting strings to a tortoise shell.
Harold Lee, 75, had "hoof marks all over him" after the 100-strong herd of 700kg Friesian cows stampeded.
"If you see 1in slots - hoof marks - in the lawn, a deer may have been there digging up the lawn to get to the more nutritious roots underneath," Kenyon adds.
We shall keep a wary eye out for those tell-tale reindeer hoof marks and droppings to see where Santa Claus has been.
He found the hoof marks in the soft mud that would usually be up to his waist, and impossible.