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Synonyms for hoodwink

Synonyms for hoodwink

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Synonyms for hoodwink

influence by slyness

Related Words

conceal one's true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end

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On the show, which pulled in 352,000 viewers last week, Doherty also attempts to hoodwink snooker ace Alex Higgins.
The only purpose these elections would serve is to consolidate New Delhi's control over the territory and to hoodwink the international community by projecting polls as peoples' verdict in favour of India," he pointed out.
The luxuriant mop is also gone in Sugar-house as Hoodwink is a skinhead, which only adds to his visual ferocity.
If Plaid Cymru members really must make accusations against other parties, they could at least check the facts before deliberately trying to hoodwink Daily Post readers.
ISLAMABAD -- Tehreek-e-Wahdat Islami in Indian occupied Kashmir has rejected the offer for so-called talks by India, terming it an attempt on the part of New Delhi to hoodwink the international community.
ISLAMABAD -- The All Parties Hurriyet Conference has termed as misleading the statement of Indian Minister of State for Home Affairs, R P N Singh, that the Government of India is talking to the Hurriyet leadership, saying the assertion has been made to hoodwink the public opinion.
Talking to reporters here on Monday, CPI General Secretary B Bardhan accused the government of hoodwink people in the name of austerity drive.
But the chameleon-like British star is the first to admit that his latest movie, Sugarhouse, provided him with his scariest and most disturbing character yet - a fearsome, inner-city crime overlord by the name of Hoodwink.
Timothy Raggat QC, prosecuting, said Butler had shown he was 'only too keen to hoodwink people' as to his condition and Dr James Collins, consultant psychiatrist at Ashworth hospital agreed.
A TRICKSTER failed to hoodwink staff at council offices in War- wick - but still escaped with a credit card.
He said India was claiming occupied Kashmir as its integral part to hoodwink international community and put the Kashmir issue on back burner.
You may hoodwink the people but you would never be able to hoodwink the ultimate court of justice.
Anyway, without spoiling it too much, crafty writers Veena Sud and Nic Pizzolatto manage to pull off a magnificent (yet slightly frustrating) hoodwink on their resolution-hungry audience in the final act - with the cliffhanger ending virtually guaranteeing large ratings for the premiere of s1 eason two.
In Labour's efforts to hoodwink the g eneral public they have hoodwinked themselves, and now they are living with the results of that.
The Hurriyet leaders in their separate statements said that the visit was an attempt to hoodwink the world community and divert attention from the Kashmiris' freedom movement, Service reported.