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Synonyms for hoodwink

Synonyms for hoodwink

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Synonyms for hoodwink

influence by slyness

Related Words

conceal one's true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end

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The minister's statement is misleading and has been made with an intention to malign the image of Hurriyet leadership as well as to hoodwink the public opinion in Kashmir and abroad," the APHC said in a statement in Srinagar.
The luxuriant mop is also gone in Sugar-house as Hoodwink is a skinhead, which only adds to his visual ferocity.
It's true, I've got a little bit of a history playing monsters - but once I was offered Hoodwink, I couldn't let him go," reveals 43-year-old Serkis.
Not only have they cruelly failed to support parents and young people who have almost begged for their support but instead they have attempted to cynically hoodwink them - they truly ought to be ashamed of themselves.
In Labour's efforts to hoodwink the g eneral public they have hoodwinked themselves, and now they are living with the results of that.
SNEAKY Mustafa Denizli is preparing to hoodwink Rangers again by sending out another 'fake' Fenerbahce side ahead of next week's Champions League crunch.
This is the first novel from the London-based writer, who played saxophone in Hoodwink, an all female indie rock band.
A NUNEATON couple are to appear on television next week, in a panel aiming to hoodwink celebrities.
Fed-up English football fans have been posing as the Tartan Army in a bid to hoodwink the French.
A NUNEATON couple are to appear in a television panel aiming to hoodwink celebrities.
The statement is a massive non-event that attempts to hoodwink the Irish people into believing that the Government has increased this important allowance.
They are also fed up with government officials who try to hoodwink them.
Set in turn-of-the-century New York, Wilder's work primarily focuses on the efforts of that indomitable widow Dolly Levi (played by Deborah Strang) to hoodwink self-important Yonkers merchant Horace Vandergelder (Apollo Dukakis) into discarding his plans to propose to feisty milliner Irene Malloy (Jill Hill) and marry her instead.
But there can be little doubt that these policies have acted as a very potent recruiting tool for hardline extremists who seek to hoodwink angry, disillusioned young Muslims into believing the ludicrous notion that the West is engaged in some of crusade against them.
Unless, of course, he undergoes hospital operations to hoodwink the public.