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an ornament on the front of the hood of a car emblematic of the manufacturer

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For 80 years, the Bulldog hood ornament has been a symbol of the durability and reliability customers expect from Mack," said Kevin Flaherty, president, Mack Trucks North American Sales & Marketing.
Modelled after the Rolls Royce Phantom in a peculiarly Chinese way, the GE even has its own hood ornament too.
While officers were taking Valera's statement and waiting for Florida DOT to arrive and reclaim their hood ornament, they noticed another guy approaching the recycling center with something like a really huge, heavy coin under his arm.
At the same time, four southern states were dangling hundreds of millions of dollars under the hood ornament of Toyota.
The hood ornament was something of an improvisation involving a Mack truck bulldog and a Play Boy bunny.
You don't want to become a hood ornament for a car or truck.
TOMMY SANDOVAL I really wanted him to win, just because it would be nice to see the trophy used as a hood ornament on the 1992 limousine he drives.
Buyers looking for a good deal in cyberspace revealed their varied tabletop interests and desires: Among the top individual items sold, based on price, was a 1929 Lalique frosted glass car hood ornament that sold for more than $15,000 and 113 pieces of Wallace's Grande Baroque sterling, for slightly more than $2,800.
Dead ahead is a pothole that would stand my Mustang on its little horse hood ornament.
Vintage American cars are everywhere: big DeSotos; the Dodge Dart, a car that did not seem like much at the time, but which manages well on the narrow streets of the 0ld City; a two-toned Chevy Bel Air, its eagle hood ornament sleekly watching over a carpet shop.
As I walked across the middle of New York's Times Square last Saturday night, being dazzled by the lights on Broadway and trying not to become a hood ornament on some fast-moving limo, I saw a headline on an electronic banner about the World Trade Organization deal on allowing poor countries to import generic drugs.
An employee of Kackert's made the reindeer hood ornament, complete with red LED nose.
Bearing names inspired by his lifelong love of aviation, the Flight Pitch Dynaflow and Fireball Straight 8 powered Harley Earl's dream machines and fueled his philosophy that while surface styling is important, it's what's under the hood ornament that counts.
up front, the Town Car gets Lincoln's new signature headlights--dual round lamps with a jeweled reflector per side-and a more upright and formal grille leading into a taller hood with a center spine and stand-up hood ornament.