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an ornament on the front of the hood of a car emblematic of the manufacturer

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Lego has traditionally required that all pieces come from their existing inventory, but made a pretty incredible exception in agreeing to develop and include a replica of the Bulldog hood ornament, which speaks volumes to the value they saw in partnering with the Mack brand.
Originally serving both as radiator caps and distinct company mascots, the metal hood ornaments were made from brass, zinc, or bronze with a chrome-plated or nickel-plated finish.
Special features: Weber grill on roof, non-stop Slayer, meat cleavers, pig snout air fresheners, 90 lb pig hood ornament, flies, gas-powered chain saw and botulism.
The narrative includes historic displays of the famous Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament and the 'Pantheon' radiator grille, both unmistakable icons associated with Rolls-Royce motor cars.
Moreover, a business was created in the supply of accessory mascots available to anyone who wanted to add a hood ornament or car mascot to their car.
Look over the hood ornament as you drive - looking over the hood ornament doesn't give the driver enough scope.
At first, the prospector believed he had discovered a car's hood ornament, Kent told the Herald Sun of Melbourne.
marked the 80th anniversary of its iconic hood ornament last month.
But he also provides details as bright and gleaming as a chrome hood ornament and characters as sharp and overstated as tailfins.
The woman who shot a quail perched like a hood ornament on the guide's Jeep wasn't entirely to blame.
The headlights are burned-out floodlight bulbs inside work-light reflectors; and the colorful hood ornament came from a thrift shop.
The float had a huge yellow biplane as a hood ornament, which did full barrel rolls as it burst out of a barnyard with a trail of floral faux-smoke trailing behind.
Modelled after the Rolls Royce Phantom in a peculiarly Chinese way, the GE even has its own hood ornament too.
One such lady was from the Marion Morgan Dance troupe; she became a live hood ornament with a graceful pose in a bathing suit looking straight ahead with wing-like arms on a 1927 Packard 343 Series Eight.