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a catch that holds the hood of a car shut

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There are no reports of crashes or injuries related to the issue, and there are four known cases of the secondary hood latch being missing, GM said.
The two-piece design, which satisfies the lower front, cab forward styling theme of the new Taurus/Sable, combines the functions of the radiator support, headlight assembly, grille-opening reinforcement panel, hood latch mounting and hood bumper support, while also controlling the fit and coordination of the fascia, hood, fenders, and lamps.
In final assembly, the upper radiator support positions the lamps, hood latch, hood bumpers, fenders, and bumper fascia to meet the front-end fit/finish specifications.
The automaker is recalling the vehicle due to the problem with the hood latch system.
In addition to limited space for installation, the requirements to the all-plastic part include a variety of very challenging load cases: among them, static and dynamic hood latch failure, where incorrect opening and closing of the engine's hood is simulated and tested under the harshest conditions.
Find the latch release lever (like the hood latch release on a car) and pull it while holding on to the microwave.
Also, easier flow facilitates parts integration: The front-end module holds the radiator components, fan assembly, and hood latch.
Evidence of integration is also seen in the manufacturing flexibility of the upper and lower composite support structures, which serve as locators or mounts for the hood latch, hood slam bumpers, headlamps, wiring, radiator systems, A/C condenser, cooling fan motors and shrouds, and various sensors.
3 Spray aerosol lithium grease on the hood latch mechanism.
Finally, lube the hood bumpers, hinges and hood latch with lithium grease.