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Incidentally, I was intrigued to hear Kirk Norcross recalling a moment of controversy during his stay in the house: "Denise Welch pulled down one of the Playboy twins' PJ bottoms and there was a big hoo-ha."
THERE is so much hoo-ha about the Bedroom Tax and I do feel for the people who find themselves having to pay a little more out of little.
Is the hysteria of the Scottish hoo-ha now over, can ordinary human beings able to get on with their daily lives?
"To me, circumcision is paranormal hoo-ha. I don't believe in God, so why would I chop off part of my child for something I don't even believe?
So much hoo-ha and then as soon as this woman dies she's out of hospital?
"We'd probably have a good old laugh about all the hoo-ha we've read in the press over the last ten years.
After the hoo-ha this week about not having enough trained security staff for the Olympics, the brilliant BBC2 comedy Twenty Twelve looks increasingly like a documentary.
I COULD not believe all the hoo-ha last week over the comments Jeremy Clarkson, left, made on The One Show regarding striking public sector workers.
THERE has been a right old hoo-ha in the wake of the publication of the nominations for the 2011 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
They discard Christianity's rich intellectual and aesthetic heritage for "high-tech hoo-ha more befitting of a U2 concert than a Sunday service." This includes jumbo screens, service texting, and online campuses.
Who would have thought a bit of plastic worth 50p could cause such a hoo-ha at the World Cup?
Much hoo-ha was made this week of the Police reforming.
He then told the audience: "I've been getting a lot of hoo-ha from the press recently just because I bought a baby.
SEPTEMBER Even with the hectic hoo-ha of back-to-school, you are able to create a magnitude of solitude for yourself.
What a hoo-ha over exactly how many Fs and Cs there were in Jerry Springer.