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Qualities Honours Students Look for in Faculty and Courses.
In "Qualities Honours Students Look for in Faculty and Courses, Revisited," she and Offringa conclude from the surveys that honors students in the Netherlands, to a greater degree than their non-honors peers, seek not only academic competence but individual freedom combined with a sense of community.
In "The Reflective Professional Honours Programme of the Dutch Saxion Universities," Trijntje van Dijk describes the six characteristics that define the successful graduate of the honors program for professional students at the Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.
Looping up Professional Reflection in Honours Programmes" is a companion piece to Trijntje van Dijk's essay on "The Reflective Professional Honours Programme.
Although the body of knowledge is increasing, our insight into effective honours programmes has not developed at the same pace as has the number of honours programmes.
Honours programmes are now widely offered to talented students in the Netherlands with the assumption that those talented students will be broadly alike.
The reasons for designing honours programmes and offering this special education may be diverse.
Do honours students assess teachers and courses differently than do non-honours students?
What are characteristics of honours students and how do they value teachers and courses?
Does our theory-based learning context, which is supportive of autonomy, academic competence, and relatedness through an honours community, actually correspond with the preferences of our honours students?
Most of the research on honours programmes has taken place in the U.
We designed an exploratory study to investigate differences that might exist between honours and non-honours.
Since the pilot study, modified versions of the original questionnaire were administered to honours and non-honours students from different fields and universities on several occasions (see Table 1).
we can divide honours in the Netherlands into roughly three organizational categories: disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary honours programmes.
From the interdisciplinary honours programme at the University of Amsterdam, the whole population filled in a questionnaire (45 out of 48 participants).