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given as an honor without the normal duties

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once Prime Minister of the progressive and enlightened State of Mohiniwala, and honorary or corresponding member of more learned and scientific societies than will ever do any good in this world or the next.
He received honorary degrees, first from Dublin and then from Oxford, so that he became Dr.
He secured a lucrative share in the profits of the King's Playhouse, one of the two theaters of the time which alone were allowed to present regular plays, and he held the mainly honorary positions of poet laureate and historiographer-royal.
Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Brazen Crown, Perpetual Arch-Master of the Rosicrucian Masons of Mesopotamia; Attached (in Honorary Capacities) to Societies Musical, Societies Medical, Societies Philosophical, and Societies General Benevolent, throughout Europe; etc.
The thought passed through his mind that Mr Vladimir, honorary member, would not be seen very often there in the future.
In facetious homage to the smallness of his talk, and the jerky nature of his manners, Fledgeby's familiars had agreed to confer upon him (behind his back) the honorary title of Fascination Fledgeby.
Pickwick was elected an honorary member of seventeen native and foreign societies, for making the discovery: that none of the seventeen could make anything of it; but that all the seventeen agreed it was very extraordinary.
Also receiving an Honorary Doctorate was broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu is seen receiving his honorary doctorate from Bangor University's vice-chancellor, Professor Merfyn Jones
HARRY Gregg shows he can still get to grips with a football as he receives an honorary degree yesterday.
FORMER Aston Villa chairman Doug Ellis tries on a special new piece of headwear after being awarded an honorary degree.
Italian composer Ennio Morricone, recipient of this year's Honorary Academy Award, has written more than 400 film scores, but the work everyone knows -- immediately identifiable after hearing only a couple of notes -- comes from his collaborations on Sergio Leone's classic spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s.
A spokeswoman said the university regretted that it could not include several famous names including Cherie Booth and John Peel, but said: ``The book is meant as a celebration of the honorary degrees, and we have given out more than 700 so we can't possibly include everyone.
Thus she was named a year ago as an honorary member of the national organization of mothers of service men and women who do what they can to support the military.
The former speaker of the Commons, Betty Boothroyd (left), received an honorary degree at Aston University in Birmingham yesterday.