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an official recognition of merit

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Honorable Mention: Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Information Group/Defence Weekly, Andrew Koch, Washington bureau chief.
The two honorable mention facilities are doing their part to recycle C&D, but don't have the history of the top award winner.
* Honorable Mention: Forsyth Technical Community College, Winston-Salem, N.C.
The Judges Committee announces the following monetary winners and honorable mentions in the 2004 Legal Writing Contest:
* Wall (supported)--Dirk DuBois, first place; Gall Katz James, second and third places; and Fred Annes, honorable mention.
The Honorable Mention awards recognize the value of humour in a church magazine and demonstrate that the Record does, too.
The jury awarded an honorable mention to two films.
The September, 2001, special section on General Synod published by the Anglican Journal, received an honorable mention, as did coverage on the Web site, www.anglican.ca.
Honorable Mention Deer at Limekiln Lake David and Kathleen Wieme, Spencerport, NY
Billings; Honorable Mention: Andrew de Naray, Tom Gaman, George M.
Honorable mention went to Lorne Wedhorn of Prince George, B.C.
Six of these earned his respect," but are listed separately because they serve women only, and 28 are listed as "honorable mention." The book implies that some centers were visited and not listed, but does not say how many.
Panuncial, winner of the Sylvia Kral scholarship from the college and now a journalism major at the University of Missouri, also won an honorable mention in staff editorial.
Marist sophomore Claire Eagen is an honorable mention 5A girls selection.