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a system of conduct in which participants are trusted not to take unfair advantage of others

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The code and honor system require the cadets to follow traditional and time-honored sets of conduct.
Before, during my time in the academy, the honor system could not be reviewed by the superintendent.
Any time the honor system is used successfully, I think of Ayn Rand--the founder of Objectivism, the academically bankrupt theory of overriding and extreme self-interest.According to her philosophy, the honor system should never work: According to her, rationally, it shouldn't work because one should take what they want and pay nothing for it.
The story begins with an eight-year-old Nevare who, left unsupervised for a moment in a frontier town, wanders into the middle of a social crisis in which justice is at odds with the demands of the honor system. On the street, Nevare meets a "mixed-breed" teenager whose behavior clearly marks her as an outsider to his cultural system.
This incident is Nevare's first introduction to an honor system, but it is by no means his last.
Analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet, and in particular its characters' use of promise, provides new and revealing insights into the evolving Renaissance codes of honor, for Shakespeare creates characters in Hamlet that represent various stages in the evolution of a changing honor system.
Although Claudius seems to have no honor system of his own, he is aware of the various forms that honor takes in a changing world and skillfully uses them to accomplish his purposes.
The entire operation, which is based on the honor system, really works.
Janis said the utilization of women owned businesses dropped over 50 percent when general contractors were on the honor system over the past two years.
Not surprisingly, the inspector general of the DOT criticized the FAA for relying on the honor system and for not having set objective standards, even for DWI convictions, on how to revoke an alcoholic pilot's license.
MANILA -- Philippine Military Academy (PMA) alumni continue to defend the institution's honor system amid the controversy over the recent case of dismissed cadet Aldrin Jeff Cudia and despite repeated allegations of corruption in the Armed Forces involving military officers who are products of the military academy.
Nonetheless, a number of the contributions are very strong, among them Elias Rivers's seminal study (one of the recycles, but never mind in this case - the author's points bear repeating) of the play's inscription of writing and orality as that issue relates to the honor system itself.
In, Honor, Oprisko is able to provide his readers with valuable knowledge that enables them to explore their social realms as they seek honor in their affiliated honor systems.
The theory and psychology of honor "When talking about Honor there are various concepts that need to be identified: Valuables, Honor, Reputation, Honor Codes, and Honor Systems." This post gives a rough definition of each of those concepts, gives examples, talks about the evolution of honor as a psychological mechanism, about the emergence of the honor systems and the emergence of law and order.
One month it's potatoes, but another it's a treatise, "On Honesty," filled with gems like "One doesn't hear about honor systems anymore." Ethics aside, I admire her ferocious do-it-all-yourself attitude.