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Synonyms for honk

the cry of a goose (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

make a loud noise

use the horn of a car


cry like a goose


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These honks can have complex constructions; for example, four short honks followed by a long one mean "open your eyes" to warn someone who is not paying attention.
Their kids climb over into the driver's seat to honk away
has announced that its new Honk Kong microbrewery will begin production at the end of May.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Honk, the leading social networking automotive platform, today announced its licensing agreement with USAA enabling USAA customers to use Honk's social networking tools to read and write vehicle reviews and recommendations when using the USAA Car Buying Service.
The Honk app is claimed to allow Gananoque residents and visitors to seamlessly search, pay for, and top up parking directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer.
However, his car only leaves an option for a long honk, which makes him sound too aggressive for a gentle reminder.
Filipino drivers, especially those driving public utility vehicles, would incessantly honk their horns in an effort to attract passengers.
Honk (99 cents, iOS): Honk notes your location, offers directions when it's time to go and lets you take photos and notes, which you can type on the phone's keypad or scribble with a finger.
Mr Honk is determined to get to the heart of the matter and cheer her up.
Some drivers seem to invite others to honk at them: the slogan "Horn Please" is painted on the back of many Indian trucks.
Students from St Illtyd's Catholic High School in Cardiff will take to the stage this week with their production of Honk - the musical version of the Ugly Duckling.
Especially as portrayed by ginger-haired, slinky-hipped Bill Dawes, Boner provides much-needed comic relief, extolling the pulchritude of Playboy centerfold Bambi Marie McGillicuddy and his cousin Larry's fellatio technique ("Boy, could he honk on Bobo's nose
HONK is a new monthly mini-magazine loosely industry centred, but available to all who ask for it.
Focusing on empowering the individual car shopper, Honk provides users with a personal Dashboard, which tracks their favorite cars, manages opinions, and reveals honest pricing information.
Some maniacs honk because they don't know how to drive.