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Synonyms for honey-coloured

having the color of honey

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Striking manor with illustrious past History visible in every room Pages 4-5 Splash out on luxury Stylish way to enjoy your leisure time Pages 6-7 Two farms ideal for outdoor pursuits All the facilities you could need to keep horses Pages 16-17 Thatched cottage steeped in history Beautifully restored with many original features Page 26 Skillfully extended, honey-coloured home Four acres of land including paddocks Page 33 Property Expert Security checklist before you go on holiday Pages 34 POST PROPERTY correspondent is Alison Jones Email: alison.
Inside, the bedrooms are spacious and there's a vast, gallery kitchen and living space, all fashioned from what was once a farmhouse built in the traditional honey-coloured stone.
95pp for 4 days Thatched cottages and honey-coloured limestone, market towns and medieval castles, a palace and the glorious countryside of timeless centuries.
The River Avon winds through a valley of stately homes, Palladian parades, and a wealth of architectural treasures built from honey-coloured limestone.
A peep inside the historic, honey-coloured buildings will reveal pastel walls, intricate plasterwork and high ceilings complete with huge crystal chandeliers.
Oh my fine, my honey-coloured Duke of Marmalade; No longer will you eat the succulent roast of child, nor will your familiar monkey kill your lice at siesta time.
A VILLAGE duck pond, flanked by honey-coloured, blossom-swathed, stone houses, nestling under the northern foothills of the Cotswolds.
Even on dull winter days, the weak sun shines like warm streaks of honey across the stone cottages in the CotswoldsThe quaint homes - built from a special honey-coloured limestone found just below the ground - are set against the stunning background of Gloucestershire's gentle hills.
Another wall of honey-coloured ashlar comes forward with a further layer behind of a pergola and cafe terrace.
Children who had gathered for prayer that Sunday morning clung to parents' arms, seeking with them the timeless, sweet, fragile solace of grandparents' familiar honey-coloured pews.
You'll also enjoy a tour of the rolling hills and honey-coloured stone villages of the Cotswolds.
A honey-coloured colour palette is incredibly versatile and always works well in any room.
Its old town is a beguiling l f d fdh cluster of red-roofed houses and honey-coloured streets.
VISIT Wander round and marvel at the city's ancient colleges, with their honey-coloured stone.
Honey-coloured hair appears the day after her dark locks were admired by Eamonn Holmes.