honey buzzard

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Old World hawk that feeds on bee larvae and small rodents and reptiles

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My untrained eye is unable to tell what I'm looking at, but I'm soon informed they are two marsh harriers, one honey buzzard, and a Montagu's harrier.
The study said five of the 15 UK species - the goshawk, marsh harrier, honey buzzard, white tailed eagle and osprey - were driven to extinction by the First World War as a result of persecution by game keepers and hunters.
I recently visited Afan Argoed Country Park to see the live video film of the nest of one of the most rare birds of prey in Britain - the Honey Buzzard.
There's a honey buzzard as big as an eagle feasting on a huge bees' honeycomb just 50 metres away.
THE rare honey buzzard lost at sea as it migrated to Africa is probably dead, wildlife experts said yesterday.
The young honey buzzard was being tracked by satellite on its 3000-mile flight from Scotland to Africa.
BIRDWATCHERSon the east coast could not believe their eyes as flocks of the very rare honey buzzard flew past en route to Africa.
A surge of migrants arrived on Bardsey Island at the weekend, including more than 400 Sedge Warblers, 35 Spotted Flycatchers, and a flyover Honey Buzzard.
A honey buzzard reported over Penrhyndeudraeth is a surprising record, likely to be a late departure from Scandinavia rather than a British-hatched bird.
They also found two golden eagle eggs, two honey buzzard eggs and four Egyptian vulture eggs along with a stuffed rare Montagu's harrier, four owls, a marsh harrier and a honey buzzard.
The facility will develop breeding programmes for a number of endangered species, including the honey buzzard.
They include the black kite and honey buzzard - neither of which to the best of my knowledge are resident breeding birds in Britain.
The honey buzzard chick was being tracked by satellite as it migrated to Africa from Scotland when it took a wrong turn over Wales and headed out for 3,000 miles over the Atlantic.
Bird lovers have been following the tagged young honey buzzard from its Inverness home on the internet.