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Synonyms for honestly



Synonyms for honestly

(used as intensives reflecting the speaker's attitude) it is sincerely the case that

in an honest manner

References in classic literature ?
I honestly tell you my sentiments and intentions: I do not wish to work on your fears, but on your sense and affection.
Honest I might be no longer; I was honestly in love with Eva Denison.
I offer no apologies for any departures from the usual style of travel- writing that may be charged against me--for I think I have seen with impartial eyes, and I am sure I have written at least honestly, whether wisely or not.
He honestly mistook his sensuality for romantic emotion, his vacillation for the artistic temperament, and his idleness for philosophic calm.
Tell me honestly the whole truth: what sort of girl is she, and what do you think of her?
After ten proposals do you honestly think that men are the same as women?
Brooke sincerely believed that this end could be secured by his own return to Parliament: he offered the forces of his mind honestly to the nation.
I tried honestly enough to kill the pigeons, but I had no luck, or too much, till I happened to bring down one of a pair that I found apart from the rest in a softy tree-top.
For they have flooded me with thousands of suggestions in regard to it, and I have honestly tried to adopt as many of these suggestions as could be fitted into one story.
Tears and Janet seemed so incongruous that Anne was honestly alarmed.
It was impossible to overthrow the facts against us; so we honestly owned that I got into the scrape through love for Alicia.
I can honestly tell you that I was fool enough to love her with all my heart and soul.
She had always behaved honestly to him; she had never encouraged him to hope that his love for her had the faintest prospect of being returned.
The dishonest, if they act honestly, get no credit.
On our way here I honestly meant to be guided by Mr.