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Synonyms for homunculus

a person who is very small but who is not otherwise deformed or abnormal

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a tiny fully formed individual that (according to the discredited theory of preformation) is supposed to be present in the sperm cell

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The expansion rate of gas that was far outside the Homunculus indicated that it was moving slowly and must have been ejected centuries before the observed 19th-century brightening.
For those who want to appreciate a musical-dance-drama, read the Opera libretto by Yvette Tan and Erwin Romulo and understand the word homunculus, Latin for little man.
deinde iste homunculus, in postico stans, iste negat mulieres oportere tantam libertatem quantam viros habere, quod Christus non mulier esset
Alas, it's not sufficiently developed ahead of a cacophonous second act replete with flashes of lighting and the birth of a homunculus, patched together from stolen organs and body parts.
Among these is his use of the word homunculus to describe the undeveloped secondary characters that make brief and cursory appearances only to vanish without a trace in many of Gogol's works.
The motor homunculus is a funny-looking fellow with a big thumb, delicate toes and a tongue that wags below his head.
The Homunculus Problem was proposed by Daniel Dennett as a way to question the validity of qualitative experience (39).
Wilder Penfield developed the already-existing concept of the homunculus (little man) to provide a neuroanatomical image of the relative amount of cerebral cortex surface area devoted to processing motor outputs and sensory inputs (e.
Verite, in the end, will neither be a thriller nor a comedy, but a mashup, just like such current projects as Homunculus, Jones's antic take on Shelly's Frankenstein-, Straight Up Vampire, an '80s jukebox musical starring the undead; and his new adaptation of a biblical story, Salome of the Moon ("a princess party that goes horribly wrong, set in ancient Judea").
In a notorious image, Reynolds painted Puck as a precociously knowing homunculus perched on a toadstool.
Einstein's Little Homunculus band; caller is David Eisensladter $8; 14 and younger free with an adult.
The model of the Homunculus Nebula reveals protrusions, trenches, holes and irregularities in its molecular hydrogen emission.
You are pregnant with your second child and husband and I am a homunculus of print-- The sensual world is inevitable, Strapped upon us like a harness, I never pursued you through our pain I prefer the riddle, the fiddle of ideas that tune, rune the maze of the mind the maze is the mind, the mind the maze, You are the secret Minotaur trapped, your senses, potent, pulsing, ravenous-- I stoked your lust but loathed your coarse vitality I could not fathom your fear--
The first shipment includes Finestkind IPA, and Homunculus and Rhye IPA from the "Big Beer" series, as well as three kegs of Cluster's Last Stand that are heading to Stone Brewing Co.
Primeiro registro de Anopheles (Kertesia) homunculus Komp (Diptera: Culicidae) no Espirito Santo.