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having identical alleles at corresponding chromosomal loci

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1] genetic outcomes when two homozygous pea plants with yellow round seeds and green wrinkled seeds are crossed.
TSCO is actively expanding this collection of cell lines and creating a "bank" of homozygous human parthenogenetic stem cells that can be used as a platform to not only reduce the chances of tissue rejection, but also make cellular-based therapies economically more viable.
The frequency of mutant alleles in the positive cases was found to be in accordance with the homozygous wild (HW) equilibrium and in negatives it was not determined as there was no mutation in the gene.
Horigan G et al- Riboflavin lowers blood pressure in cardiovascular disease patients homozygous for the 677C[right arrow]T polymorphism in MTHFR.
02%), and 2 homozygous HbC, without cases of homozygous S (10); however, there is no definition of inclusion criteria (especially of gestational age) and of exclusion criteria (transfusions prior to taking the sample).
Field screening will not differentiate between homozygous resistant and heterozygous resistant plants, therefore only two categories were used in classifying the field phenotype with respect to resistance, either resistant or susceptible.
Thus, a male carrying homozygous mutations in the ER-alpha gene and two males with homozygous mutations in the aromatase gene had osteopenia, unfused epiphyses, and elevated indices of bone turnover.
Homozygous Hb E is usually an asymptomatic condition without anaemia, or any evidence of haemolysis (1).
Conversely, the co-inheritance of [alpha]-thalassemia with homozygous [beta]-thalassemia and the consequent reduction in [alpha]-globin chain excess often results in a milder clinical and haematological phenotype.
The 27 RSLs were descended from plants which had undergone crossovers in the QTL-M region, and were also homozygous in the region.
Thirty of 31 cases from 21 families were studied at the molecular level and had several homozygous or compound heterozygous mutations of the perchlorate-sensitive NIS gene.
Four of the patients with upper GI disease had homozygous allelic variants, whereas none of the patients without upper GI disease were homozygous for an allelic variant.
The methods developed in this study may be applicable to the diagnosis (detection of homozygous and heterozygous deletions in exons 7 and 8 of the SMA gene) and the control of mRNA concentrations in the future gene therapy of patients with SMA.