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the state of being homozygous

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Interestingly, no combined homozygosity for C677T and A1298C SNPs was found among the individuals in this study and thus our data cannot exclude the possibility that inheritance of such combination might predispose the product of conception to embryonic/fetal death.
Dpi Inoculum positive/total positive/total VPSPr-129VV 6th ([double dagger]) NA NA VPSPr-129VV 4th NA NA VPSPr-129VV 5th NA NA VPSPr-129MV 1st NA NA VPSPr-129MV 2nd NA NA VPSPr-129MV 3rd NA NA VPSPr-129MV 4st NA NA VPSPr-129MV 3rd NA NA Dpi, days postinoculation; M, methionine; V, valine; NA, not available; VPSPr, variably protease-sensitive prionopathy associated with homozygosity V or M at codon 129 of the PrP gene (VPSPr-129VV or VPSPr-129MM).
10) In some laboratories the total percentage of homozygosity across the genome was reported, whereas in other laboratories the frequency of ROH was considered to be important.
In a secondary analysis of a study involving 552 hypothyroid patients randomized to LT4 or LT4 / LT3, the prevalence of Thr92Ala homozygosity was 16%, and psychological well-being in patients with the deiodinase 2 polymorphism improved significantly more on combination therapy than with LT4 alone (J.
Homozygosity mapping of a gene for arterial tortuosity syndrome to chromosome 20q13.
Some studies have showed that the Asp variant is more susceptible to inactivation by proteolytic cleavage, possibly due to a tighter turn of the alpha helix, suggesting that homozygosity for this variant may result in impaired catalytic function of eNOS (25).
Heterozygosity of KL-VS allele was found to have a protective effect against ischemic stroke compared to homozygosity of the allele.
Pearson's chi-square test was used to calculate the significance of B*27 homozygosity in this study.
Homozygosity observed in locus Hco97 for these 4 later identified hybrids could be related to the high presence of null alleles for this locus in red abalone (0.
Anticoagulation during pregnancy is also warranted--regardless of personal or family history--in the rare cases in which a patient is known to have homozygosity for FVL or homozygosity for PGM, or if a patient is known to have "double heterozygosity" for both FVL and PGM.
Risk factors for developing GVHD after solid organ transplantation include donor HLA homozygosity, periorgan lymphoid tissue transfer, and the relationship between recipient immunogenicity and the immunosuppressive drug regimen.
A female lemur's scent normally conveys not only her fertility status, but also information about identity, her relatedness to others and her genetic homozygosity, an indicator of in-breeding.
Developmental stressors, such as pathogenic infection, genetic homozygosity and environmental trauma, can result in deviations from perfect bilateral symmetry that are known as fluctuating asymmetries (Mealey et al.