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Synonyms for homosexual



Synonyms for homosexual

of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to members of one's own sex

Synonyms for homosexual

sexually attracted to members of your own sex

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Although everyone concerned about students with same-sex attraction agrees that schools need to be safe, nurturing and inclusive, Arbour and Blackburn in contrast with PG say nothing about the serious ramifications of health risks for youth who might take on a 'gay' identity and engage in homosexual activity.
The homosexual cowboy immunizes homosexuals from criticism and protects their destructive radical agenda from the disapproval it richly deserves.
The thousands of untroubled homosexuals who we know, and the thousands of homosexual priests who do not live in chastity, confirm the narrow minded way in which the Vatican sees the problem.
With regard to human rights, seven people felt that homosexuals are not a viable part of society (five were neutral); four felt that homosexuals should not be accepted into society (five were neutral); eight felt there should be restrictions on homosexuality (eight were neutral); ten felt it would not be beneficial for society to recognize homosexuality as normal (five were neutral); and three felt that homosexuals should not be given social equality (four were neutral).
Written by Edward Sagarin--under the name Donald Webster Cory--it was called The Homosexual in America, and it was a sensation to everyone who had read it.
As Bishop Herbert Chilstrom has stated, experience is teaching us that homosexuals are not what people once thought they were.
Although the issue in that case was quite different, the court announced as a general principle that the law cannot treat homosexuals differently simply because they or their lifestyle are viewed as immoral.
Those who continue to oppose the right of homosexuals to marry and otherwise be free from discrimination in employment, housing, inheritance, family matters, and the countless other rights that many heterosexuals take for granted base their objections largely on religious grounds.
Thus an employer who, understandably, regards homosexuals as perverted and does not wish to employ one may nonetheless be compelled by law to employ a homosexual.
Margaret Mead is praised as "nonjudgemental" of homosexuals (p 170).
Our little children are being targeted by the homosexuals and liberals who are pushing for this legislation," wrote Sheldon.
One of the president's first major legislative efforts was an attempt to recruit avowed homosexuals into the military.
Especially among younger people, it is no longer socially normal for homosexuals to pretend to be heterosexual.
Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the Court's majority opinion that the state distinguished homosexuals as "unequal to everyone else.