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Synonyms for homosexual



Synonyms for homosexual

of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to members of one's own sex

Synonyms for homosexual

sexually attracted to members of your own sex

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As was previously raised, the views of various authors have insisted that to not view being sexual homosexually as a unique and distinct expression such that comparisons with any other expression of being sexual--and being sexual heterosexually in particular--is at best misleading and at worst a further example of hetero-sexist attempts to deny the equal standing of being sexual homosexually.
Result of the 1998 beyond 2000: Sexual health survey--sexual health and practices of gay, bisexual and homosexually active men in New York City.
Bolingbroke's unsubstantiated charge that Bushy and Green have been homosexually involved with Richard, thereby grieving his queen (nothing in Shakespeare's other sources can explain such a charge), is almost certainly a reminiscence of Marlowe's King Edward, whose favorites, Gaveston and Spencer Jr.
For instance, someone in the bisexual range of Kinsey's six-point continuum with relatively weak homoerotic desire may behave heterosexually when the opposite sex is available but homosexually when it is not.
Researchers re-examined data from a study on homosexually infected men in Amsterdam and data on viral load and transmission in heterosexual men and women in Zambia.
Local politicians, the police, and media came to see homosexually active men as "possessing a fixed and dangerous fundamental essence" (p.
His homosexually themed Hamlet, brutal Midsummer Night's Dream and taboo-breaking Cleansed have earned him a reputation as an enfant terrible.
5) Consider Vautrin's referencing this work in his conversations with Eugene de Rastignac (3: 186) and Lucien de Rubempre (5: 707) which are at once homosocially transactional and homosexually seductive.
Number of risk acts by relationship status and partner serostatus: data from the HIM cohort of homosexually active men in Sydney, Australia.
Twenty-two cases were contracted through heterosexual transmission, 20 cases via homosexual/ bisexual transmission, two perinatally, one homosexually or via intravenous drug use (IDU) and the remaining four are unknown.
When Freud, that other Titan in the development of twentieth century Modernity, reads the myth as involving the renunciation of 'the homosexually tinged pleasure of extinguishing [fire] with urine', where the fennel stalk is--surprise
Those with fond memories of Hollywood's homosexually inclined 'beefcake' movies of the 1950s--when the last major movie of Alexander was made [Cartledge wrote these remarks in 2003, before the release of Oliver Stone's Alexander in 2004]--are in for a bitter disappointment.
So, when revisionists say that what is natural for heterosexuals is not natural for the homosexually oriented, that is not the sense of "natural" that is relevant here, that Luther means in his argument.