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At that convention, Lula said the party supported the right of minorities to organize and defend their space in society, adding, "we will not accept that homosexualism [sic] be treated as a disease or a matter for the police [...] [and we] will defend the respect that these people deserve, calling them to the greater mission of constructing a new society" (Diretorio Nacional do PT 1998, 111).
And this cannot happen as long as the public debate is about moderate as opposed to radical homosexualism, feminism or outreach to illegals.
His long marriage was affectionate but apparently asexual, though, unlike another glamorous Jazz Age husband, Cole Porter, he professed to dislike "homosexualism." There is also more here about publishing contracts, payments, taxes, old school rugby and cricket scores, little Pekingese dogs, and who are what when--though to be fair, these are details that compose a real life rather than a novel--than any but a devoted Wodehouse fan would want to learn.
"Homosexualism is a sin, which separates man from God.
The evil consequences of feminism include the unholy trilogy of divorce, "homosexualism," and antiwar protest.
At first, Clark "denied any connection with homosexualism, and he denied talking about it except to help some students to cure themselves." Court records note that his memory was poor and he seemed nervous.
According to him, Hernandez Cata studied these matters a great deal before writing his story, and Hernandez Cata also "demonstrates to us the congenital nature of homosexualism" (243).
In 1954, Newsweek reported rumors--denied by the nonrepatriates--"that about half the Americans were bound together more by homosexualism than Communism."(13) This statement was credible to Newsweek's readership, for the notion that leftist politics were deviantly unmasculine was preached from the loftiest towers of American academia in the 1950s.
Most claim to remember some early sensation--the seductive feel of their father's beard, an interest in dolls or their mother's high heels, an aversion to football or to pulling the wings off butterflies--that they now define as "gay." Never mind that plenty of men exclusively heterosexual in adulthood have felt the same things; it is such sensibilities and behaviors that gave these disciples of homosexualism a sense of "difference" so early in their existence that they feel it had to have been from conception.
"Homosexualism is a perverted fashion imported from the US," stated some of the ralliers, as quoted by OffNews.bg.
While it was viewed as either lesbianism or homosexualism or whatever derogatory name it was called, the fact still remains that the reason for its practice in Africa was not seen as pervasive.
Between 1952 and 1977, "homosexualism" was a ground on which prospective immigrants could be denied entry into Canada and lesbian, gay, and bisexual immigrants were subject to the threat of deportation.