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To the Muslims, homosexualism contravenes the shariah penal code.
Children were being invaded--by ideas of communism and atheism in the 1950s, by feminism and homosexualism in the 1960s and 1970s (not that any of these categories is so clearly defined)--and the product was terrifying.
At that convention, Lula said the party supported the right of minorities to organize and defend their space in society, adding, "we will not accept that homosexualism [sic] be treated as a disease or a matter for the police [.
And this cannot happen as long as the public debate is about moderate as opposed to radical homosexualism, feminism or outreach to illegals.
At first, Clark "denied any connection with homosexualism, and he denied talking about it except to help some students to cure themselves.
In 1954, Newsweek reported rumors--denied by the nonrepatriates--"that about half the Americans were bound together more by homosexualism than Communism.
Never mind that plenty of men exclusively heterosexual in adulthood have felt the same things; it is such sensibilities and behaviors that gave these disciples of homosexualism a sense of "difference" so early in their existence that they feel it had to have been from conception.
While it was viewed as either lesbianism or homosexualism or whatever derogatory name it was called, the fact still remains that the reason for its practice in Africa was not seen as pervasive.