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Search for Vegetative Insecticidal Proteins (VIPs) from local isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis effective against lepidopteran and homopteran insect pests.
Other supplemental methods, including the use of entomotoxic proteins were introduced in crop protection; due to resistance of some insect pests to repeated Bt toxin applications and none affected Homopterans pests by Bt toxins [13, 14, 15, 16, 17].
Bluthgen N, Verhaagh M, Goitia W, Jaffe K, Morawetz W, Bartholtt W (2000) How plants shape the ant community in the Amazonian rainforest canopy: the key role of extrafloral nectaries and homopteran honeydew.
A survey of homopteran species (Auchenorrhyncha) from coffee shrubs and poro and laurel trees in shaded coffee plantations in Turrialba, Costa Rica.
One of the first field experiments to detect adaptive population structure was conducted with Nuculaspis californica, a highly sessile homopteran scale insect that displayed local adaptation to individual ponderosa pine trees (Edmunds and Alstad 1978).
For example, in the dry season, Phaner furcifer is apparently more dependent on gums exuded by trees, above all trees of the genus Terminalia, whereas during the rainy season Mirza coquereli feeds much more on the sweet secretions of homopteran larvae and scale insects (Coccidae).
Pymetrozine, acting with a novel mechanism to stop homopteran insects from feeding such as aphids and whiteflies, has become a popular insecticide in many countries throughout the world, such as the US, Japan and Germany.
Effect of Allegheny mound ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) presence on homopteran and predator populations in Michigan jack pine forests.
Stimulation of insect fecundity induced by sublethal concentrations of insecticides is a common phenomenon, particularly in homopteran insects and in mites (Ge et al.
are usually considered omnivorous and are thought to consume a wide assortment of arthropods and plant matter, in addition to homopteran secretions (Dasch et al.
In the homopteran insects that live on roots in the lava tubes on Hawaii, sexual acoustic signals have been identified that are transmitted through the substrate and are different in each species.
sylvatica are the leaf-mining lepidopteran, Antispila nyssaefoliella (Lafontaine, 1973), and Phylloxera nyssae, a gall-forming homopteran, whose feeding causes marginal leaf folds (Pergande, 1904: 269; Gagne, 1989: 176).