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Synonyms for homogeneity

the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature

the quality of being of uniform throughout in composition or structure

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In the same motor test, the control group obtained an average of 140.9 [+ or -] 6.38[degrees] in the initial test, with a coefficient of variation of 14.362%, indicating an average homogeneity and an average of 150.6 [+ or -] 5.94[degrees] in the final test, with a coefficient of variation of 9.312%, increasing it to nominal values by 5.05%, also indicating an average homogeneity team.
In order to provide more clarity and facilitate the assessment of the homogeneity, the RTS provide a non-exhaustive list of asset categories, as well as lists of the risk factors to be generally considered for each of these asset categories.
Methods commonly used ones for the work aforementioned include the SNHT (standard normal homogeneity test), Rhtests, and MASH method (multiple analysis of series for homogenization).
According to Figure 5, the distribution of mechanical parameters is closely related to the homogeneity index [lambda], and for the higher value of [lambda], the values of more elements are concentrated closer to the average value.
The familistic management style which is typical of Japan accurately points to men with high homogeneity working for the same company, spending long hours working towards common goals, and eventually living a pseudo-family existence with each other.
Each color was used with 7 different injection molding parameter combinations, which resulted in 63 different colors and homogeneity levels.
Process thermal homogeneity and stability are major requirements for producing good quality products in any polymer process.
A new diagnostic technique was developed to investigate the electrical homogeneity of the electrically-active defect distribution in the AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) epi-structure constructed on Si with minimum sample preparation steps.
When homogeneity of variances assumption was not satisfied the most reliable result was obtained by using trimmed mean in terms of keeping the type-I error rate at nominal alpha level and it was followed by modified and winsorized means.
As far as the authors know the literature on this topic does not consider any measure neither of the homogeneity of the responses nor of the rate of the "no answers" [6].
Chromasens' next-generation CORONA II LED line scan illuminator combines excellent homogeneity of light distribution with enhanced illumination strength up to 2,500,000 lux, allowing line scan cameras to operate at faster speeds.
Barton Fabrications, a UK-based supplier of silos to the plastics industry, says it is experiencing growing interest in its static cone blender, which it says addresses and improves plastic feedstock homogeneity issues.
"Our cosmological model is based on the assumption that homogeneity applies," lead author Roger Clowes (http://thespacereporter.com/2013/01/exclusive-quasar-supercluster-challenges-cosmological-status-quo/) told The Space Reporter on Saturday .
This machine using a "twinflow" infeed to increase homogeneity offers a capacity of over 400 kg/hour/m of working width when processing 1.7 dtex fibers.