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Other films presented homoeroticism in a more favorable light, but it was still on the down-low.
In Lives of the Artists, Vasari records a story that may provide some insight into Sienese homoeroticism in the early 16th century.
There's a lot of sex, or at least sexuality in these works, delivered with an often comical candor, and shades of homoeroticism abound.
In fact, homoeroticism was not considered antagonistic to marriage, and sexual anxieties focused instead on women's infidelity.
Film writer Jeffrey Wells, commenting on the homoeroticism of Brad Pitt's performance in Troy, in his column on MoviePoopShoot.
Feminists and social activists such as Judith Fetterly, Bridget Goodbody, and Patricia Hills raised questions about misogyny in his art; later, Martin Berger, Whitney Davis, Jennifer Doyle, Ra ndall Griffin, and Michael Hatt considered issues of masculinity, sexuality, homoeroticism, representation, and race.
Jones seems simply unaware of literary scholarship of recent decades; for example, he charges into the issue of homoeroticism, bandying about the word "homosexual" unreflectingly with no acknowledgment of the vast recent theorizing and debate on this subject, and his fulminations against homophobic criticism betray no recognition that sonnets have been studied by those sympathetic to their homoerotic potential.
Though gay readers may key in on the homoeroticism of many of the images, Bachner believes the book shows a camaraderie among males that is lost in today's society: "This was a period before irony, before queer theory.
Untitled, 1997, already laden with a bizarre blend of homoeroticism and eugenic fascination, could only be viewed through a mirrored contraption, which implicated the viewer as unseen voyeur/participant.
Miller's glib dismissal of the possibilities for female homoeroticism within female homosocial bonds nevertheless constitutes a serious evasion of the irreducible difference between sexuality and gender.
The opposite is true in Japan: A lot of the male homoeroticism in anime is meant for a female audience and is written by females for females.
Shakespeare and Marlowe have been at the center of recent scholarship on male homoeroticism in English Renaissance literature; with The Enigmatic Narrator: The Voicing of Same.
Critics have pinpointed the confusing power of Clark's work, but by aiming at the work's genre and disavowing its homoeroticism they may have missed the question's bull's-eye.
This has to do with a certain critical nervousness about fashion's pervasive influence (some want to believe that the "serious" realms of politics or morals are unaffected by it) as well as about its unacknowledged homosociality and homoeroticism - girls looking at girls in Vogue, boys modeling for boys in Details.