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Synonyms for homiletical

of the nature of a homily or sermon


of or relating to homiletics


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(13) Hubmaier did not leave behind a systematic presentation of his biblical hermeneutic; nor have exegetical or homiletical works been preserved from the Nikolsburg Reformation.
Thus, by offering a historical and theological analysis of Barth's preaching classroom in Bonn, Hancock offers an important contribution both to the fields of practical theology in its homiletical theories and to ethics, systematics, and historical theologies in their retrieval of Barth's theology as witness in proclamation, life, and service to the church.
In Moses, Harris addresses ten topics, ranging from civil disobedience to intermarriage in what he calls a "homiletical" approach (Harris, p.
A homiletical narrative that unites the "beginning and the end" is not uncommon.
Although homiletical teachings have been suggested, the literal meaning (according to Metsudat David and Metsudat Zion) is that the Earth is suspended in space with nothing to support it.
While the Prophets and Writings are traditionally understood to have been written with divine inspiration, and certainly had considerable impact on both the discourse and the homiletical material that appear in the primary documents of Jewish law, they are of far less significance than the Torah for establishing either normative legal or ethical norms.
He argues that the Bible is not a cryptic text, and that many rabbinic interpretations simply "do not suit the plain sense." However, Rashi's commentary includes rabbinic interpretations, either because they suit the context or because of their homiletical or pedagogical value.
(4) The discourse follows a clear homiletical structure.
By demonstrating how these mnemonic "pictures" likely functioned in such homiletical aids as the Fulgentius metaforalis of John Ridevall, O.F.M., and the Commentary on the Twelve Prophets of Robert Holcot, O.P., to facilitate the sinner's reconciliation with God, Rivers insightfully advances the work of Beryl Smalley, Frances Yates, Mary Carruthers, and Siegfried Wenzel on the classicizing friars.
Several interpretations are given in the Midrash (ancient rabbinic homiletical texts) as to why Cain killed his brother Abel beyond the explicit one given in the Bible.
The wealth of hermeneutical and homiletical keys in this book is enriching in many ways.
He notes that both of the rabbis he studied carefully structured their sermons and made that structure obvious to the listeners by creating clearly signaled introduction and development sections with a homiletical coda and recapitulation at the end (Saperstein 2000, 12).
The sacramentality of preaching; homiletical uses of Louis-Marie Chauvet's theology of sacramentality.
Anyone who ever heard one of Millard Fuller's presentations received the benefit of some of the best homiletical work done by a lay Baptist person.