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Synonyms for homiletic

of the nature of a homily or sermon


of or relating to homiletics


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They are, as already noted, associated with his homiletic commentaries, and they often become important to their rhetorical development.
Others classify preaches in accordance with the content of the biblical, dogmatic, moral, liturgical and historical writings, thus leaving the initial criterion and multiplying the homiletic interpretations.
These concerns with the purpose and function of homiletic texts are reflected in most of the other essays.
Hancock (homiletics and worship, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) presents a study of Karl Barth's "Exercises in Sermon Preparation" from the early 1930s, when he was teaching homiletics at the University of Bonn.
That spirituality will become a major part of their homiletic message.
William Paul Young's homiletic novel The Shack is an originally self-published text that, as of September 2010, had over ten million copies in print and had been at number one on the New York Times bestseller list for seventy weeks.
And by the very exigency of its suggestive extremity, this homiletic form recast "individuals into communities of action," driven to accomplish immediate social reform (31).
In our day, of course, some specialists on Second Temple Judaism and Rabbinics, especially those residing in North America, might not endorse Flusser's description of Josephus as having "a strong rabbinic background with regard to Scripture, Jewish law, and homiletic writings" (p.
If all she did were attack the formulaic, the brutal, and the exploitative, the work might be worthy but homiletic.
Two contributions allow us to catch a glimpse of homiletic religious interactions in later periods.
That has been the recurrent theme in enviro circles and at UN confabs for decades, and it was, naturally, a major homiletic message at the Copenhagen conference.
She recounts, for example, how the painted black figure of the damned in the Drapers Company of Coventry's pageant of Doomsday (1561-79), already a carry-over from medieval performance conventions, feeds in the Tudor era into the transcodification of Lucifer as a political traitor in homiletic literature (23).
Though rejected in many Lutheran territories, and rejected at the Genevan Academy, Ramism proved appealing in Basel because it could be taught to future ministers easily, and could be applied to exegetical, homiletic, and polemical tasks.
Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire and editor of Connections, a newsletter of preaching and homiletic resources.
It is from a reflexive perspective that a divergent Philemon homiletic manifests, one that recognizes Paul's act of letter writing as praxis.