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the home and adjacent grounds occupied by a family

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land acquired from the United States public lands by filing a record and living on and cultivating it under the homestead law

dwelling that is usually a farmhouse and adjoining land

settle land given by the government and occupy it as a homestead

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After burning hardwoods, such as oak and beechwood, homesteaders collected cold ashes for months.
Evocative and adventurous, Journey to a Straw Bale House is an armchair traveler's dream--the vivid, vicarious experience of painstaking constructing a dwelling just as past homesteaders once did (without personally engaging in months of physical labor)
The homesteaders of rural America are often their own first line of defense.
Steve and I have worked together to develop a management team that will ensure Homesteaders maintains its market leadership position and will remain on its trajectory of profitable growth.
Rachel Kaplan is an urban homesteader, artist, psychotherapist, and mother who has spent the last ten years refining her skills as a food and herb grower.
Homesteaders faced crippling droughts, severe storms, prairie fires, and grasshopper infestations.
Novak Djokovic would be the son of the homesteader who gets the first arrow in the chest when checking on suspicious noises in the poultry yard.
His wife became a supervising agent for the funeral insurance firm Homesteaders Life Company.
Call them rural Americans, country-home families, rustic homesteaders or small farmers, these customers need different products and levels of service.
One one side were cattle barons and powerful politicians; on the other, homesteaders and rustlers.
This volume depicts a cast of vibrant characters: women as entertainers and rodeo riders (Lucille Mulhall and Bertha Blanchett), ranchers, mine owners and social climbers (Baby Doe), homesteaders and possible cattle thieves (Cattle Kate), hard-working madams and risk-taking prostitutes, and women who inspired songs and legends (Yellow Rose of Texas and Polly Bemis).
Homesteaders Federal Credit Union celebrated the opening of its new Central Harlem branch on Jan.
Despite Washington's relative silence on the West, Micheaux transfers Washington's belief in the importance of thrift, hard work, and vocational values over intellectual values into the narrative of development of the South Dakota plains through each of his homesteaders.
It was John Sutter, you might recall, who is credited with single-handedly igniting the California gold rush when he found nuggets in the tailrace of the mill he constructed to provide building materials for homesteaders.
Unit 5--Prairie Life" helps students understand that free land had a cost for homesteaders and assists students in discovering how pioneers live on the prairie as a homesteader.