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a longing to return home

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"It's all submerged under a great, swamping wave of loneliness and homesickness. I've longed for three years to go to Redmond -- and now I'm going -- and I wish I weren't!
Priscilla's gay chatter had the intended effect of cheering her up; homesickness vanished for the time being, and did not even return in full force when she finally found herself alone in her little bedroom.
"But I won't think about it -- that way homesickness lies.
His homesickness was greater than ever, and it did not appeal to him to settle down and be good, work out his four years, and go home.
"And you will soon get over your homesickness," said Mrs.
It is only a few miles away, and we imagined that, in some sudden attack of homesickness, he had gone back to his father, but nothing had been heard of him.
Even "under ordinary privations, [black soldiers were] apt to become disabled, give up in homesickness and quickly sink to the grave." Indeed, a survey conducted by the U.S.
In the same fashion, the associations between perceived parental conflict tactics (reasoning, verbal aggression and physical threat) and the homesickness features, depression and self-esteem were explored in the UK sample.
Naff's mother, Yamna, remained through her life emotionally anchored to Rashayya, an "unshakeable homesickness" (p.
* Location: Is it worth staying close to your family to live at home and save money and to cut down on homesickness?
* Head off homesickness. A certain amount of homesickness is normal during the first few days.
Either way, homesickness is inevitable and will always be part of being away from home for longer than usual.
This will help them beat homesickness." Talking about why they decided to organise this event, Wasswa said,"Many Ugandans are used to these kinds of shows back home.
In a video taken by the food company, he talks about how he overcame the homesickness in his first month of living in Taiwan and how he grew to like the place and food here.
He has cited homesickness among his reasons to return.