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a longing to return home

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It's all submerged under a great, swamping wave of loneliness and homesickness.
Priscilla's gay chatter had the intended effect of cheering her up; homesickness vanished for the time being, and did not even return in full force when she finally found herself alone in her little bedroom.
But I won't think about it -- that way homesickness lies.
His homesickness was greater than ever, and it did not appeal to him to settle down and be good, work out his four years, and go home.
All this might be quite true, and indeed, proved to be so, but it did not materially help Anne in the first agony of homesickness that seized upon her.
Then, recalling homesickness he experienced during the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand, he added: "I struggled with homesickness.
When Rudy ran away in the Ivan Reitman movie Meatballs, he helped enshrine homesickness as one of the hallmarks of the camp experience alongside morning announcements, pranks, talent shows, and inter-camp rivalries.
Striker Dickson - picked up from Lochore Welfare after a spell at Leeds United had ended due to homesickness - rattled in 31 league goals as Andy Matthew's team clinched promotion.
Josie is able to battle homesickness by keeping in constant contact with her best friends in Australia and the US, while Lauren struggles to find her feet during the alcohol-fuelled Freshers' Week.
Flynn returned from Port Adelaide last month, citing homesickness as the reason.
While not an actual physical illness, homesickness creates a longing for home, a restlessness, a sense of feeling like an outsider.
I never knew homesickness until I left my son to work here in Bahrain.
According to British magazine Heat, the 'One Direction' singer suffers from terrible homesickness and exhaustion towards the end of the tour, Stuff.
HOMESICKNESS is a common concern for us students, so take comfort that you are not alone.