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(physiology) metabolic equilibrium actively maintained by several complex biological mechanisms that operate via the autonomic nervous system to offset disrupting changes

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Recently, all chemokines have been categorized into four other types based on their function, these include I type (inflammatory chemokines), H type (homeostatic chemokines), D type (dual chemokines), and P type (plasma or platelet chemokines activated by cleavage).
However, to prevent synaptic decline, these plastic junctions are under biologically strict bidirectional homeostatic control.
This result suggests that exogenous modulations of cortical excitability (i.e., a-tDCS) were not sufficient to overcome endogenous homeostatic plasticity processes.
Based on the expression pattern and function, chemokines are grouped as inflammatory and homeostatic (leukocyte mobilizing during inflammation) [33].
These mathematical equations, described in 1985, called homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) indexes, comprise two different formulas: homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), and homeostatic model assessment of [beta]-cell capacity (HOMA-B) [4].
As we all know, there are homeostatic formation mechanism and biological function between connection neurons [14,15]; in this work, we study the spatiotemporal behaviors of noise effects in the neighborhood of stimulus threshold for a mathematical model of homeostatic regulation of sleep-wake cycles proposed by Postnova et al.
It has been proposed that sleep is regulated by two processes: circadian and homeostatic. These two processes are generated independently, but their interaction regulates sleep-wake cycles and from it emerges the sleep phenotypes and sleep-wake disorders (3).
Reducing inflammation, promoting inherent defense barriers, and immune functions by upregulating the expression of essential homeostatic protein and filaggrin in human tissue.
Compelling evidence suggests that adenosine plays an important role in mediating the increase of homeostatic sleep pressure during time spent awake and its decrease during sleep.
"One factor that controls sleep is how long you've been awake, the so-called homeostatic drive to sleep," said Dr.
Homeostatic model assessment-Insulin resistance was calculated SPSS 11 was used for statistical analysis.
Based on the homeostatic model assessment, increased peripheral insulin resistance was significantly associated with decreased glucose metabolism, both globally (P <.01) and in large areas of the frontal, lateral parietal, and medial and lateral temporal lobes (all P <.05), Dr.
"Modest levels of exercise can perhaps lower body mass without necessarily triggering homeostatic compensatory responses in food intake.