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of or relating to the practice of homeopathy


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For suitable people, homeopathic remedies are always safe, usually effective, and relatively cheap.
Homeopathic drugs can make bold claims because, in the 1930s, Congress largely excluded them from oversight by the Food and Drug Administration.
Please appreciate that homeopathic remedies are not "drugs" in any sense of the word.
There was a time when homeopathic remedies were only sold at Whole Foods Market and a handful of hole-in-the-wall health stores," he says.
According to homeopathic philosophy, when treatment is based on the totality of symptoms within the mind and body, it will stimulate the organism to move into a state of vibrant health.
They reunited once again and petitioned the FDA again March 25 not to accept the homeopathic label.
Homeopathy matches all the individual's symptoms with a number of time-tested homeopathic drugs and combines these drugs into a convenient formulation.
Biomed researches, develops and markets clinically proven safe, pure, affordable, well-characterized homeopathic drugs.
Consumers seeking homeopathic treatments do so at their own risk, so education is key.
During various epidemics, the death rate in homeopathic hospitals was much lower than that in conventional ones.
A school nurse posed the following question to her state's School Health Advisory Committee: "Should a school nurse be required to administer homeopathic medications to school children at the request of parents instead of implementing conventional interventions?
And for pet owners frustrated with doctors that prescribe antibiotics at every vet visit, many are looking into homeopathic remedies -- treating animals with a little of what ails them.
There were 22 homeopathic medical schools, over 100 homeopathic hospitals, and over 1,000 homeopathic pharmacies in the U.
Members of the British royal family are reported to carry homeopathic kits when they travel.