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Synonyms for homeliness

having a drab or dowdy quality

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an appearance that is not attractive or beautiful

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Rape, internet penetration, water, electricity tariff, statehood for Delhi; each of his seventy points were closer to the heart of the Delhi electorate and appealed to their homeliness.
We can decorate as we like, with a raised eyebrow at our homeliness and a wry smile at our take on domestic bliss.
Next, the analysis of the data gathered through the diaries is discussed alongside the five indicators that constitute connected homeliness.
What Thurles lacks in facilities it more than makes up for in homeliness and that is solely down to Pierce and his family.
Open fires or log-burning stoves give a fantastic sense of homeliness and for me always take me straight back to holidays in the north of Scotland where a roaring fire was very welcome, even on a summer evening.
Alongside the more humble Nothing new under the sun--consisting of nine simple, brightly painted ceramic bowls--the carpet contributed to a symbolically potent scene, pitched somewhere between holiness and homeliness.
Raised by her maternal grandmother, she was dismissed for her homeliness and tagged with the nickname "Granny.
99, The Range For all my love of homeliness, there is something undeniably sexy about the cold, hard look of polished concrete.
We are our appearance; our worth (or worthlessness) lies in our beauty or homeliness, our designer shoes or our hand-me-down clothes.
He was playing fluted carols with tinkling runs and bell-like notes and soft lullaby, which had a freshness, a homeliness, a smiling tunefulness, an ineffable radiance and sweetness, such as I have never heard before or since.
I even found out the secret of the homeliness of the menu items: the restaurant's kitchen is run by home cooks teleported from Karnataka.
The heavy wood furniture and drapes lend it a European feel -- it's not your average British pub, but it's got the homeliness.
During university a group of us spent many a weekend with Eve, drinking wine on the sprawling verandah of her weather-whipped bungalow, with its stunning sea views and rustic homeliness.
Whether it is baking a scone or a loaf of bread, 'Bake Off is very much tied up with the idea of homeliness and cocooning," observes Janice Hadlow, head of BBC2, who sees the show as tapping in to cultural mores in the U.