homeless person

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someone unfortunate without housing

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FULL OF BEANS: Marsh cafe owner, Richard Hanson, has joined the homeless coffee project at Hanson's Cafe, Westbourne Road, where customers can opt to pay for a coffee for a homeless person.
Once a homeless person who receives benefits has proved that they can save a certain amount of their money to pay rent, the unique scheme acts as a guarantor to local landlords.
Our No One Turned Away campaign is pressing for a change in the law so that every homeless person who approaches their local council for help gets the advice and support they need and no-one is forced to sleep rough.
Homeless persons are at higher risk than other persons for viral hepatitis (A, B, and C) because their lifestyle might include injection drug use (IDU) and poor hygiene (4), but data on HEV prevalence among them are scarce (5,6).
WHAT: HAND will host a press conference to discuss the count of unsheltered homeless person in Detroit, Hamtramck & Highland Park to provide updates on the number of persons housed and collaborative efforts to create additional permanent housing for persons who are homeless as part of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness Facilitator: Candace Morgan, HAND Vice President Speakers to include: Mayor Kenneth V.
Why not just give every homeless person $3,655 in cash -- or $11,111 if we're feeling that generous -- and let the homeless find their own housing?
The survey, commissioned for the No Home season of programming to coincide with the anniversary of Cathy Come Home, reveals that people continue to have little understanding of the homeless and twice as many Britons feel more sympathetic to a homeless dog than a homeless person.
The Tool Kit is designed to assist front-line hospital staff, through four critical steps associated with discharging a homeless person from hospital care.
IN PRACTICE "There's a spiritual practice of `seeing Jesus' in the smelliest, most obscene homeless person you see on the bus, in the most frustrating ideological enemy you encounter in your work.
We regard the homeless person, in part, as a business client, or consumer, with needs that have to be met in a way that can make him or her self-reliant.
On every corner of the city of London, there is a homeless person.
THERE was something cosmically appropriate about the spontaneous commentary by an actual homeless person at a politician's self-serving press conference Thursday.
The star in question is none other than rocker Alice Cooper who'll choose a homeless person from the streets and turn his or her life around.
Nevertheless, during a 4-year study of louse-borne diseases among sheltered homeless persons in Marseille, we detected a sporadic acute autochthonous case of epidemic typhus in a sheltered homeless person (39) and significantly higher seroprevalences of R.
There should not be one homeless person in 2006 on the streets of Los Angeles city or county.
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