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grown or originating in a particular place

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New Delhi [India], Mar 15 ( ANI ): #HGStreet by Homegrown is a street culture and lifestyle festival celebration bringing together the best of local and international sneaker culture, hip-hop lifestyle, street wear fashion, street art, skateboarding, music, food and straight up creativity and innovation.
Pinol, a former sportswriter, columnist, and boxing analyst, urged the in Philippine sports authorities to put their focus on honing homegrown talents in hopes of being a power again in the international stage.
com/2017/12/25/homegrown-terrorists-no-1-threat-fbi-says/) report by Portland Press Herald, FBI  Christopher Wray reportedly said the law enforcement agency considers homegrown violent extremists as the primary source of terrorist threats to the country.
The Tourist Information Centre has been empty for about two years and I saw it as a great opportunity to sell our own homegrown and homemade produce and other local delicacies to the many thousands of locals and tourists that visit Pringles.
After careful consideration of the current threat environment and input from intelligence and law enforcement partners, I have made the decision to update and extend for six months the NTAS Bulletin based on the persistent threat from homegrown terrorists, said Secretary Kelly.
RMAL Hospitality operations manager Dani-Jan Gicquel Billington said that while franchises from the US and the UK were opening in their droves a decade ago, over the last couple of years more homegrown concepts have "started to pop up".
There is more satisfaction in seeing homegrown players turn into stars than simply writing out a cheque for one.
And Jonjo Shelvey and Andros Townsend were partly recruited - and West Brom's Saido Berahino targeted - because the Magpies need to comply with the Premier League's homegrown player rules.
Of course, to judge them - or any player - purely on their homegrown status is unfair.
In this short film, Label Traxx documents how homegrown systems can grow into complicated, manual and labor-intensive processes that only survive due to the brute force of the people working for these companies.
With the new leader of the European Commission it is important we establish close relations to see how we can protect homegrown, grass-roots young players in the dierent countries.
Homegrown Tea: An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and Tisanes is an unusual blend of gardening guide and cookbook and features some forty different tea plants to use, paired with the author's paintings of plants and photos of the tea-making process.
The enthusiastic ethnobotanist is bringing his 'Homegrown Revolution' to the family-owned garden centre in Shelley on Sunday, April 6 and will also be signing copies of his latest book James Wong's Homegrown Revolution.
The question of whether fans prefer homegrown players can be answered, in part, by examining fluctuations in game attendance in Major League Baseball attributable to the characteristics of the home team's starting pitcher.
The show includes a Kitchen Garden stage, designed to reconnect people with producing their own food, enticing them to use homegrown fruit and veg to make ultra-fresh meals with zero food miles.