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To be fair, these safety concerns have been raised over home-brewed kombucha rather than commercially prepared beverages.
Not only is there a lack of scientific evidence to back many of its claims, but home-brewed kombucha has been linked with illnesses.
Nigeria is the most attractive beer market in SSA with the highest alcohol consumption per capita (mostly home-brewed) and the largest population of drinkers.
Researchers have found that many of the increasingly popular beverages included in the study contain fewer polyphenols than a single cup of home-brewed green or black tea.
One average cup of home-brewed green or black tea, which costs only a few cents, contains 50-150 mg.
"We believe you need very easy to use and implement messaging middleware in order to integrate your "home-brewed" applications." Talarian claims to have seen revenues of around $15m last year.
The House should waste no time in approving Prozanski's legislative fix, clearing way for the Oregon State Fair to resume its home-brewed beer contest.
Home brewing has been practiced since ancient times, but it got a boost in this country in 1978 when a federal law was passed exempting home-brewed beers from taxation.
But despite the costs the study by consultants Ernst & Young found Ireland was the third highest exporter of home-brewed beer.
It is tradition at the dockyard there to launch ships with a bottle of home-brewed beer, made by the crew, rather than champagne.
Historian Conrad once tracked down a home-brewed bottle of the stuff on the continent and drank it quietly in his Paris hotel.
So the department dutifully advised the liquor commission that home-brewed drinks must be consumed in their home of origin - and only there.
The secret is regular, generous mulching with home-brewed bitter at the Old White Bear in Crosshills.
The newly issued interpretation of the law led the Oregon State Fair to end its 22-year-old home-brewed beer contest because it would be illegal for home brewers to transport their beverages to the fair.
AN Irishman jailed in Saudi Arabia could be flogged in public for having home-brewed wine in the teetotal state, it was revealed yesterday.