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television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater


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Mike Campbell of Carolina Home Theater said, "Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for all their home automation and home theater projects.
Even consumer-grade home theater components bought at Best Buy can deliver relatively impressive results, but today's state-of-the-art home theater is a far more extraordinary--and expensive--beast.
With the help of home theater designer Bob Gatton and Philips Electronics style and home designer Stephen Saint-Onge, Adu got the home entertainment setup of his dreams: 50-inch Philips Ambilight flatTV in his and his mother's rooms ($4,499.
Last year, Americans spent more than $6 billion on home theater installations, according to the Custom Electronic Design Installation Association in Indianapolis, Ind.
households own a home theater system, market research shows, and of that 10 percent, the vast majority are in the upper income groups.
A unique, modular, cubic Blu-ray home theater system (model HT-D7100);
The app list also contains several audio and video tools to help home theater contractors and installers to set such things as the proper speaker placement and sound levels via SPL meters, etc.
Today's home theater gives you the most realistic, high-quality video and audio, including powerful surround-sound speakers that are about one-tenth the size of floor-size models just a few years ago.
The basic home theater arrangement requires several stock items: a TV screen or monitor, VCR, amplifier-receiver and stereo speakers.
7 percent said they would like to house a home theater system in a cabinet.
As the home theater concept expanded from the dedicated home theater to the family room, most of these design elements from a dedicated home theater that designers and installers were focused on never made it into the mainstream family or living room," stated Roth.
In celebration of their Grand Opening, Loud and Clear Home Theater Solutions is offering a special for all customers.
Industry experts agree most consumers at this point have heard of home theater but do not fully understand or necessarily agree what it constitutes.
In an effort to help customers get the most from their home theater purchases, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy has rolled out a handful of additions to its Magnolia Home Theater Installation Service that can help customers get set up just in time for the Big Game.
Home theater and emerging technologies such as the RCA Digital Satellite System (DSS) were on practically everyone's mind.