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the port from which a ship originates of where it is registered

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We understand that the introduction of a new home port by Princess is a rare occasion, and we are very proud to be a part of their growth strategy,'' the Galveston port director, Steven M.
The 83,960-ton Kitty Hawk, which left its home port on April 15 as part of a fleet of five warships, engaged in a series of military training exercises in the western Pacific with navies of allied countries to prepare for possible military emergencies.
Crowds gathered on the bank at Roslyakovo, in the same region as the Kursk's home port of Vidyayevo, to watch the stricken nuclear submarine be towed into port by the Giant-4 lifting barge and be anchored a little way offshore.
Interviews and record reviews yielded a possible explanation for an outbreak's occurring on the Arkansas but not on the California, a ship with the same home port and vaccination schedule and a crew in close proximity until the day of departure.
He and MacIsaac are currently looking to use genetic analyses to locate the invading fleas' home port in Europe.
If officials at the Jacksonville Port Authority and the Economic Development Commission have any influence, the River City will become a cruise ship port of call or a home port.
Serious pursuit of a means of fixing longitude began in 1707, after four British frigates ran aground in fog near their home port owing to total east-west disorientation, with the loss of nearly 2,000 men.
Mayor Dianne Feinstein was so enthusiastic about the plan to make San Francisco a home port that she vetoed a Board of Supervisors resolution opposing it.
She will sail her maiden voyage from Barcelona on April 2, then reposition to lateMay the US late May for sailings to Bermuda and the Caribbean from New York, before moving to her home port Miami in September.
She told the delegates about several significant new developments for the cruise industry in Abu Dhabi, all of which have contributed to Royal Caribbean's decision to base one of its Celebrity Cruise vessels - Celebrity Constellation - in Zayed Port, as a home port from 2016/2017 season.
Dubai is currently the home port for five of the world's leading cruise lines - Costa, Aida, Royal Caribbean, TUI and MSC.
Among the upcoming cruises with Dubai as its home port are Cruise Ship Costa Fortuna and Cost Neo Riviera travelling to two of Oman's major cities, Muscat and Khasab, as well as Abu Dhabi.
Now there is a possibility of the ship floating at the next high tide, the owners have decided to run the ship to a cheaper fishing port along the coast instead of returning to her home port.
On the other hand, Aida Cruises from Germany will continue its operation in the region with Dubai as their home port with the deployment of CS Aida Blu.
Fundraisers, the Ales Angels, have stepped back in time to row the former RNLI boat back to its home port.