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The Danish Air Force Home Guard ( DAFHG ) (in Danish: "Flyverhjemmevrnet") has conducted a tender procedure pursuant to contract notice 2014/S 058-096948 concerning a contract for lease of 2 multi-engine piston aircraft.
And the Home Guard of Honley went to battle with the men of Brockholes in war manoeuvres straight out of Dad's Army.
Meanwhile, With The Home Guard - written by Captain Simon Fine of the Royal Fusiliers and published in 1943 - is dedicated "to the old sweats of the Home Guard who taught me soldiering while I served as their instructor.
I signed up to the Home Guard in the British Army as soon as I turned 17, and two days later, I was on my first training mission.
The Home Guard don't have so much as a decent one-liner to defend themselves
It seems likely that those in the Home Guard were pigeon fanciers, and this was their way of supporting the war effort.
These were supplied to the Home Guard as they were too likely to jam if subject to dirty conditions or maintenance.
The Home Guard acted as sentries during the day and night and became extra 'ears and eyes' for the full-time military.
I am privileged to be a Home Guard myself and, as Commander of the 9th Birmingham Battalion, I gladly recognise the companionship and good fellowship I have found within the ranks of the movement.
But the activities at "GHQ Town Fighting Wing" were a million miles from the bumbling antics of the wrinkly Warmington-on-Sea Home Guard unit featured in the new Dad's Army film.
The fate of the Home Guard hangs in the balance when Colonel Theakes (Mark Gatiss) reveals that he intends to sort the military wheat from the chaff and "Walmington feels chaffy.
The Second World War is on knife edge and in the cosy community of Walmingtonon-Sea, blustering bank manager George Mainwaring (Toby Jones) proudly leads the local Home Guard.
HOME Guard jawan Sukhwinder Singh, who was arrested for molesting a British tourist on Thursday, was on Friday dismissed from service, a state government spokesperson said.
Men of all ages and professions from teenagers to grandads answered the call to join the Home Guard and do their bit to defend Britain during the Second World War.
You did firewatching, ARP, Home Guard, evening classes, working during your holidays volunteering working on a farm, even assisting the Land Army girls, looking after your family garden and taking the place at home those who were away.