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The conclusion is that home computers are put to more productive use in households where parental monitoring is prevalent and effective.
Among children aged 16-18 yr who have not graduated from high school, slightly more than 20% do not have access to a home computer (Table 1).
Vigdor and Ladd concluded that home computers are put to more productive use in households where parental monitoring is more effective.
Anytime on home computer Scenarios #1 for School Health
Maitland Hyslop, head of ICT Development for One NorthEast, added: "The new Home Computer Initiative is a way of ensuring that we use the infrastructure we have, promote a better work/life balance and introduce some flexibility into the workplace while having a positive effect on the environment, rural work patterns and car congestion.
The multivariate methods used in this study enable the assessment of the independent influences of poverty on home computer ownership and on type of IT use, while controlling for other socio-demographic factors.
The Government-backed project enables employers to provide their workforce with the latest Internet-ready home computers as a non-taxable benefit, at little or no cost to themselves.
It also showed a 38 per cent increase in home computer ownership to 576,500 over the same period.
Despite this, nearly threequarters of people from minority ethnic groups used home computers for educational purposes compared to 61 per cent of white people.
While 86 percent of the respondents reported that they felt their home computers were very or somewhat protected from online threats (from viruses to hackers), more than 90 percent had spyware on their computers (much of it placed surreptitiously by downloaded music and file-sharing programs), only 41 percent used a firewall, and only half of the 76 percent of respondents who used antivirus software updated it once a month.
The impact of CIPA on students without a home computer and use the library for Internet access would mean placing limits on the free-flow of information by restricting access to websites that are blocked.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-17 April 2002-TDC launches home computer programme (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
According to the survey, the primary reasons Portland residents would like to use a home computer are to send e-mail to relatives, friends and business associates (67 percent), and to research personal interest information (67 percent).
Last summer, using GIMPS software on his home computer, technology consultant Nayan Hajratwala of Plymouth, Mich.