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person of exceptional holiness

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It describes the attitudes, qualities and actions expected of a holy person. The Sermon on the Mount does not prescribe any ritual or prayer to become holy.
When I am around a great person, a very charitable and holy person, I experience myself as having great value, because holy people pay attention to you as if they see in you a value of which you are unaware.
Indeed, many Catholics and members of other traditions believe that he was a holy person. As a person who loved God and humanity with all his heart and soul, John Paul II, the saint for Shalom, the great defender of the Jewish people, will be remembered by many Jews and by the Polish people as a saint of our time.
In what way is he a mystic, a holy person, a master of spirituality?
Fools Crow, the nephew of the visionary Black Elk, immortalized in John Neihardt's Black Elk Speaks, explained he was able to handle the selfsacrifice of being a holy person because he possessed "a clear self image." As a Sioux person, he was taught to understand there was no limit to what the higher powers could do through him.
I simply had to express my support and solidarity for a simple holy person I know following her obedience from Mother Elizabeth, the Abbess of St.
A gorgeous untitled 2006 image of a man dressed in black monk's clothing standing alone amid bare trees succinctly captures the Thoreau-like transcendence of the individual amid nature, yet a troubling ambiguity lingers: Is this a holy person engaged in benign reverie, or something more pernicious?
(25) The would-be holy person's desire to seek out marginality was bound up with aspirations to humiliate and eradicate the self in order to achieve a more perfect union with God.
A relic is part of the physical remains of a holy person after their death or an object which has been in contact with their body.
ACCORDING to the Catholic Church in England and Wales: "A relic is either part of the physical remains of a holy person after his or her death, or an object which has been in contact with his or her body.
She must be a holy person," Contactmusic quoted teenager Emiliana Shikongo as saying in a new Life and Style magazine expose.