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a consecrated ointment consisting of a mixture of oil and balsam

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The same fundamental formula is contained in the Coptic ritual (thus bearing witness to the Alexandrian tradition): "Send the grace of the working of the Holy Spirit upon this Holy Myron which he hath sanctified as the holy oil with which Thou didst sanctify priests and high priests and prophets and kings.
Some believe that faith healing may be accomplished by individual prayer, prayer from the congregation or the anointment of the individual with Holy Oil or water.
There is a passage that explains how the High Priests, the [Kohanim] would prepare a holy oil used on their bodies before they made a ritual animal sacrifice," recalled Ovadia in an interview published by Israel21c.
Alito's confirmation hearings that they slipped into the hearing room hours before the event got under way and blessed all of the chairs with holy oil.
Spare a moment to watch the priest resting on his haunches beside the rags of the dying, to rub the holy oil, infirmarium, on the eyelids, the ears, the mouths, the hands and finally the foreheads of those who waited for eternal life.
His Holiness Karekin II, the Catholicos and Supreme Patriarch of All Armenians, anointed the dozen or so flat, rectangular stones with holy oil in a solemn yet joyful two-hour ceremony filled with song and prayer.
He also administered the last rites, anointing her with holy oil and giving a blessing.
The most moving art in the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles is the faint stains of holy oil on the concrete walls in the nave, traces of the dedication rites witnessed by over 3000 people last September.
7) As for the oil, the majority of the sacraments, including Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, and Holy Orders (ordination), involve anointing with holy oil as a sign of the coming Spirit; the essential ingredient, besides a blessing, is olive oil.
claims the girl has been visited by the Virgin Mary and that crucifixes and religious statues in their home ooze holy oil and blood that cures illnesses.
In the Greek tradition, the sacrament of holy oil, or holy unction, is usually conducted on Wednesday of holy week, when requested by the faithful, in some places at the beginning of each month, and sometimes in abbreviated form in hospital and home settings.
During the Mass, priests placed Holy Oil on the forehead and palms of the faithful especially those afflicted with sickness such as those who cannot walk, or those who are suffering from cancer.
They were then physically hoisted up into the belfry to be assembled with headstocks, wheels and ropes and were then blessed by the vicar, the Rev Hugh Baker, with an ancient ritual of anointing each with crosses in holy oil marking east, west, south, and then north and seven crosses on the rim on the bell at the font.
According to the newsletter, "the Holy Oil was chosen by God as an instrument of faith to heal the sick.