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person of exceptional holiness

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The priest was older, and many of the little children who used to come with the begging-dish sent their own children now; and when you asked of the villagers how long their holy man had lived in Kali's Shrine at the head of the pass, they answered, "Always.
He was no longer a holy man, but Sir Purun Dass, K.
Therefore where he now is we will build the temple to our holy man.
As for thy threats, know, holy man, thou speakest to one whose trade it is to find out danger wherever it is to be met with.
The sisters saluted the holy man with becoming reverence, and the eldest motioned him to a mossy seat beside them.
The holy man, who had often urged the same point before, but had never met with so direct a repulse, walked some little distance behind, with his eyes bent upon the earth, and his lips moving AS IF in prayer.
The crush was believed to have been triggered when a sadhu, or holy man, threw coins into a crowd of pilgrims who were growing increasingly impatient at having to wait for their turn to bathe.
Arguing that the church's canonization of the first American Indian saint (Kateri Tekakwitha) was long overdue, the article showed that someone like the revered Lakota holy man Nicholas Black Elk would be a legitimate, and more pastorally appropriate, candidate for the honor than yet another European.
It is ironic that at a time when we are remembering the tragedy of the First World War, a prominent holy man is calling for action that will lead to even more deaths.
Sitting quietly in the confession booth, the holy man is stunned when an anonymous male parishioner confides, "I was raped by a priest when I was seven years old, every other day for five years.
Authorities said about 16 people had been slightly hurt: some areas suffered power and water supply cuts INDIA A Hindu holy man photographs himself on a mobile phone at Sangam, the confluence of rivers the Ganges and Yamuna at the annual traditional fair '''' Magh Mela'''' in Allahabad UKRAINE Opposition supporters in military uniforms and carrying sticks as weapons, ready to marching toward the parliament in Kiev as opposition lawmakers seek to push through an amnesty for people arrested in the protests that have gripped the capital
THE " Chaur Wale Baba ( holy man who gives rice)" returned to power in Chhattisgarh for a record third time riding high on development and propeople policies of the state government.
The key If you practise meditation, Like, these days, most of the nation, Here's a tip a Holy Man Gave some time back in Japan.
The priests I have met: Father Barry, who was like a second father to me; Father Byrne, a complete gentleman who baptised me at St Osburg's and Father Michael who gave me the confidence to do readings in church; and my priest today Father Louis, a very approachable and holy man.