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person of exceptional holiness

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Thus it came about that, by the time he had reached the other bank with his load, the Friar's sword belt was loose albeit he knew it not; so when Robin stood on dry land and the Friar leaped from his back, the yeoman gripped hold of the sword so that blade, sheath, and strap came away from the holy man, leaving him without a weapon.
There," quoth the holy man, calmly turning back again to the shore, "let that cool thy hot spirit, if it may.
The priest was older, and many of the little children who used to come with the begging-dish sent their own children now; and when you asked of the villagers how long their holy man had lived in Kali's Shrine at the head of the pass, they answered, "Always.
He was no longer a holy man, but Sir Purun Dass, K.
Therefore where he now is we will build the temple to our holy man.
The holy man, who had often urged the same point before, but had never met with so direct a repulse, walked some little distance behind, with his eyes bent upon the earth, and his lips moving AS IF in prayer.
I invited a holy man to preach so that he might get some dharma before he dies,' Kemsros said.
The crush was believed to have been triggered when a sadhu, or holy man, threw coins into a crowd of pilgrims who were growing increasingly impatient at having to wait for their turn to bathe.
Sitting quietly in the confession booth, the holy man is stunned when an anonymous male parishioner confides, "I was raped by a priest when I was seven years old, every other day for five years.
THE " Chaur Wale Baba ( holy man who gives rice)" returned to power in Chhattisgarh for a record third time riding high on development and propeople policies of the state government.
The rituals rid them of all ties in this life and transform each into a Naga, naked holy man
Some devotees take the holy water to their houses and offer the pious water to Lord Shiva's lingam (representation of Lord Shiva used in Hindu temples), said Kamta Prasad Pandey, a holy man.
While reading through the astonishing story about the holy man who went without food, water and answering the call of nature for 70 years, I began to think that AS had come up with a great idea.
Mikael Hafstrom's plodding film is enlivened sporadically by some spectacular scenery-chewing from the Welsh acting legend as a spirit-banishing holy man.