holy day of obligation

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Catholic holy day of obligation celebrating the lives of the saints.
Observed as a holy day of obligation by Catholics and as a public holiday in some countries, devotees consider the Feast of the Assumption as the Holy Mother's "heavenly birthday" in remembrance of her happy departure from her earthly life and her physical assumption into heaven.
Driven by lust for Anne Boleyn and desperation for a male heir, the king declared himself head of the Church of England and cut ties with Rome, denying us all the bank holiday a holy day of obligation affords.
After my smile faded, I, couldn't help but realize two things: 1) It s a sin not to vote; and 2) the first Tuesday in November should be a holy day of obligation (in America) celebrating the Feast of Civic Responsibility.
Patrick's feast day was placed on the universal liturgical calendar due to the influence of Franciscan scholar Luke Wadding in early 1600s, when it became a holy day of obligation for Irish Catholics and feast day in the Church of Ireland.
All Souls Day is November 2 and not a holy day of obligation.
For Catholics, it is a holy day of obligation, when they go to Mass and participate in ceremonies for the dead.