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a sheath (usually leather) for carrying a handgun

a belt with loops or slots for carrying small hand tools

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I never budged so much as an inch till that thunder- ng apparition had got within fifteen paces of me; then I snatched a dragoon revolver out of my holster, there was a flash and a roar, and the revolver was back in the holster before anybody could tell what had hap- pened.
"You see," said De Guiche to the saddler, "this gentleman, who understands these matters well, thinks the holsters heavy, a complaint I had already made." The saddler was full of excuses.
Instantly he was up again and wheeling to renew the battle; but Werper was on foot ahead of him, and now his revolver, loosened from its holster, flashed in his hand.
Returning his revolver to its holster, he walked quickly to the entrance of the tent.
The Wieroos approached boldly to take Bradley's "hatchet" from him, their leader having indicated the pistol hanging in its holster at the Englishman's hip, but the first one went reeling backward against his fellows from the blow to the chin which Bradley followed up with a rush and the intention to clean up the room in record time; but he had reckoned without the opening in the roof.
Again I warn you, Sven--" and he tapped the revolver that swung in its holster at his hip.
And as he spoke he put his hand on the holster of his uncle's saddle-bow.
I'VE BEEN INTERESTED IN FIREARMS FOR long enough that I can remember when the first holsters made of polymer were introduced.
I've had one of Thad's holsters since my first trip to Africa back in 1983--carried it around Zimbabwe for 10 days and a whole bunch of other places since.
SEVERAL YEARS AGO, CrossBreed Holsters popularized the hybrid holster market by combining a Kydex shell with a leather backer.
I've never given ankle holsters much consideration.
THE SUREFIRE MASTERFIRE RAPID Deploy Holster is designed to be the ultimate universal tactical holster, and it combines the attributes of three different types of holsters into one--and that's before you consider that one holster can fit more than 30 pistols from five different makers.
Crossfire Elite has a line of holsters designed for women incorporating memory-type foam laminate technology and ballistic nylon fabric.
Alien Gear Holsters offers a wide variety of durable clips for the "Cloak Tuck" leather and "Cloak Tuck 2.0" neoprene inside-the-waistband holsters.
To remedy this, many holster manufacturers have offered up a variety of different holsters designed specifically for those who prefer the simplicity of pocket carry.