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the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made

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1 F holotype Waynesville, small cave 6 mi W, 3500 ft, North Carolina.
HOLOTYPE [male] CHINA: Hubei Province, Shennongjia, Dayanwu, 1700 m, 29-VI-1984, Leg.
Intercubitus longer than abscissa of cubitus between intercubitus and second recurrent vein in holotype, and subequal to or slightly shorter in paratype.
Holotype: AMNH 251650, DNA #PR1313, 46 mm SL, female, Playa Magui, Hatillo, Puerto Rico, 18[degrees]29'26"N, 66[degrees]48'57"W, 27 May 2009, L.
Female holotype from Paraguay in the Museum Nationale d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, examined.
Other Necrotaulius holotypes were checked in person by the senior author.
The scutal measurements of the holotype are: AW (53m); PW (82m); SB (50m); ASB (20m); PSB (117m); AP (36m); AL (37m); PL (46m); sensilla (5+28A-12m).
The reference to the original publication, including the original generic position, the type locality, the collector and the cited dimensions of the type specimen(s), is provided for each species, followed by information from the label for each type in the NMSA collection (catalogue number, type locality and collector) and measured dimensions of the holotype.
Type: Male holotype (MUSM-ENT 0506547) from Peru, Cuzco, Rio Camisea, Armihuari, 11[degrees]51'51.3"S, 72[degrees]46'45.6"W, altitude 579 m, May-June 1997, Saida Cordova col.
The process begins with positioning a holotype specimen under a specialized camera with a single-column lens attached to a vertical joist and taking stacks of photographs throughout the depth of the specimen.
With the advent of on-line collection databases, it has now come to our attention that the holotypes of all three species are deposited in the Museum Victoria, Melbourne.
The Holotypes (ZMR-200901) were placed in the Museum, Department of Zoology, University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan, for future reference record.