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the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made

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Notes: Bigot (1879), who did not designate a holotype, only indicated having studied male material so it is likely that the now defective syntype is a male.
Such capabilities are especially important in validating or correcting holotype names or descriptions that were made long ago.
Comparison of photographs of the holotype of Psallus eximius Reuter on the web site of the Museum Victoria (http://collections.
Name on drawing is Aphthalmichthys caribbeus and represents the holotype, 270 mm TL, of Aphthalmichthys caribbeus Gill and Smith (1900:974), which was described in more detail, but not illustrated, by Evermann and Marsh (1900:71).
135, 137 (female holotype and paratypes, in MHNG, examined).
fuscus affinis (Relict Northern Pipefish), although it was originally postulated that the holotype was a specimen of S.
Holotype LACM 3,091; 2,145 m, Clam Bed, Chowder Hill, Middle Valley Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge west of Juan de Fuca Strait (48[degrees]27.
Both holotype specimens were illustrated as line drawings, the latter being rather generalized in nature.
Colour of holotype in alcohol pale brownish yellow, with a faint, dusky-edged, pale stripe, narrower than pupil, beginning above opercle and extending parallel to dorsal profile of postorbital head and nape to below rear half of first dorsal fin; dorsal fins with pale yellowish rays and faintly dusky membranes; remaining fins pale yellowish.
The holotype is represented by an incomplete disarticulated skull with the right saccular (= sagitta) otolith in situ, an extremely rare occurrence.
Counts were made from a radiograph of the holotype and from each specimen where possible; vertebral counts include the urostyle.
1 F holotype Waynesville, small cave 6 mi W, 3500 ft, North Carolina.