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the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made

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Holotype male macroptera, China: Jianfeng Town, Hainan Province, 170m, 18.vii.2009, Qingling Hu sweeping from grass; paratypes: 10 males, same data as holotype.
pytho is still a valid species and although Westwood's figures are generally unreliable, his figure of the holotype (pl.
B7 Malatya: Arapgir-Malatya, 19 km to Malatya, roadside and field area, 31.V.2011, 38[degrees]53'44"N, 38[degrees]35'26"E, 1275 m, Binzet 201117 (holotype: ANK; isotype: GAZI).
Holotype [female], China, Fujian, Fuzhou, Jinshan, 26-IX-2013, Zhu-Hong Wang, ex.
thaumasium by its tegminal venation having only five instead of six dorsal branches of MA plus R and more strikingly by the dorsal margins of the hind tibia being expanded into a pair of lateral lobes that are absent in the female holotype of E.
commutatum Steud., the holotype of which is a collection of Schiede s.n., from near Papantla, Veracruz (Fig.
Efforts to obtain valuable material from the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, France, where the holotype of hyalipennis (Oldroyd, 1960) is housed, proved fruitless despite repeated efforts to contact staff at the institution.
Type: Male holotype (MUSM-ENT 0506547) from Peru, Cuzco, Rio Camisea, Armihuari, 11[degrees]51'51.3"S, 72[degrees]46'45.6"W, altitude 579 m, May-June 1997, Saida Cordova col.
The process begins with positioning a holotype specimen under a specialized camera with a single-column lens attached to a vertical joist and taking stacks of photographs throughout the depth of the specimen.
M2 PHARMA-July 21, 2014-Omixon unveils Holotype HLA combined assay and software solution for NGS-based HLA genotyping